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My life is in turmoil due to a messy divorce

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Don't give up on yourself.

Sallam ,

My life has changed over the past 3 years I left my abusive husband. He never showed me love or anything only was into materialistic things .
I was forced into the marriage when I was 16 and stayed with him for 19 years until I was strong enough to leave . There was no love in the marriage and I never felt loved. I always craved love as I never got it from my parents as they passed when I was very young . All I ever wanted was happiness .
As I was waiting for my khulla to come through him he caused so many problems for me . He put voice recorders all over the house and humiliated me in front of the family and friends and made out that I was a slut . All his family where aware of all the problems and that he was a heavy drinker and we had no relationship just living under one roof .
I felt like a prisoner in my own home and went to a refuge and I decided that I wasn't safe to live at the house .
I left and got my divorce and now I'm waiting for the financial side to settle and he is making it so difficult . He pulling out so many recordings making out I stole from him and he owes money to other people . None of this is true and he has plenty of money.
I'm bringing up his two children and he refuses to see them as he blames them for the divorce, not him self .

I'm a woman on my own i have no family just my kids and me and my life is on hold I just need everyone to make dua for my that my court case goes in my favour and I get what money is owed to me .

He knows what wrongs he has done to me ,he has no fear of Allah I guess .
Please I Request for everyone to do dua for me at such a difficult time , I want the court case to go in my favour and settle quickly doing can move on with my life .
This constant stress has taken a big impact on my health and I'm not well and suffer from severe depression and anxiety .
Allah make all of our problems go away and keep us away from evil people .



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  1. Aslamualikum sister,

    may allah help u and ease all ur problams. may allah help u get wht ur wishing for. inshaallah.allah will reward u for wht u,ve.been going.through. be strong and dont lose hope

  2. Sister Salam,
    Sister recite Husbunallahu Neamal Wakeel every time. Recite it every waking moment. Allah willing every thing will turn out fine.
    Your brother in Islam

  3. you will be good in futur inchae alah أنما العسر يسر

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