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Fallen out of love?

I’m 21 with 2 kids. My husband has stopped doing anything.

Ending 7 year relationship for my parents sake

I do not know how to tell him and how to open the subject – I know that all he has is me and everything he has done is for my sake.

Trapped or not?

What am I doing wrong to live such an unhealthy life?

To divorce or not?

My husband and I are in our 20’s. We have an unhealthy relationship most days I am unhappy with his behaviour.

Losing the Love and Respect for parents.

I know parents have great place in Islam and I don’t want to disrespect them. …. but I simply unable to change my feelings for them.

Bad situation for marriage

I have come to know my husband was fond of web cam sex, blue movies and I can’t imagine of what else. I’m nothing like that and very disappointed in him. I’m losing love and respect for him.

I no longer wish to be with my husband

I have been married 8 years coming this year… as time has gone by I have drifted away from my husband.

I’m sad and don’t know what to do

Should I be with him for the rest of my life where I know he will try but he can’t change and just live unhappily? Or should I solve the problem by splitting up with him and live happily with my two children?

Seeking forgiveness after being very abusive to husband

As a result I become abusive to him, fight with him, but last when had a fight I went too far.

He judges me about my past.

He says that he is hurt by my past. I tell him I’m sorry about my past and I am not this person now. He will never let this go. I am so unhappy with him now and although he is my husband, he keeps pushing me away from him with his harsh words so that when it comes to intimacy with him, I feel so uncomfortable and dirty.