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Bad gossip

I don’t know what to do at this point what he is saying and family is saying is lies. How can I live when the whole city is talking about me?



This time I got married to the right guy and it was not love marriage but it ended very bad. Now what do I do with my life?

I lied to conceal my sin

My potential spouse asked me very specific questions about my past, I tried concealing and misleading words but at one point I lied because I needed to conceal my sins.

Swore on Quran not to contact my girlfriend, but I broke it

I swore to my mother on the Quran that I would not contact my girlfriend anymore, but I broke it because I love her.

Using quran ayats to brainwash

My marriage is at the verge of its end because of my father in law. What does Allah say about such people who disrespect quran ayats?

Cheating and lying husband, help needed

He used to hit me a lot and abuse me… Things got better but after the death of his first wife, he’s become the same. I’ve contacted some Maulanas and they’ve all told me he’s having an affair outside.

Should I marry her or let her go now?

I love her a lot and don’t want to leave her but still I can’t trust her at all. What should I do?

My husband is unfaithful and lazy – I’m considering Divorce

I don’t want to make wrong decision in the sight of Allah, and I am so afraid of future. What if I never get married, what if I get married and my future husband is a cheater again, what if my son life gets ruined?

Can I use a fake experience certificate to improve my job prospects?

So can I show fake experience to the institute for this course?? Will my salary be halal??

I lied about the nude pic I sent him, now he hates me

We pray salat and read Quran. But 2 days ago my boyfriend saw that nude pic on a page and asked me if that was me. I was shattered because I had lied, so I told the truth that it’s n0t me and that I gave that pic because I didn’t want to hurt or lose him.