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Can I use a fake experience certificate to improve my job prospects?

So can I show fake experience to the institute for this course?? Will my salary be halal??

I lied about the nude pic I sent him, now he hates me

We pray salat and read Quran. But 2 days ago my boyfriend saw that nude pic on a page and asked me if that was me. I was shattered because I had lied, so I told the truth that it’s n0t me and that I gave that pic because I didn’t want to hurt or lose him.

What should I do about her infidelity?

She said she wants to work and go out without me and I am not allowing her to do that. I told her that this relationship is very important to me, and almost had tears in my eyes, but she still went. It’s been 48 hours that she hasn’t bothered to talk with our son or me. I don’t know what will happen, or how I will deal with it.

Talaaq after lying to girlfriend?

I was never going to leave my wife for her… is my nikah still safe or broken? Please help me!!

Lying for a better life….is it halal or haram?

There are some people who come to the west by forging their immigration documents… seeking to live in a safer country. Is it halal or haram to lie and forge documents in order to attain a better life?

Cheating… now he wants nothing to do with me

He told me that he didn’t love her. He now says that he doesn’t love me… he says that he’s bored. Should I tell his wife?

I am co-habiting, I know its haraam.

He is totally different from me (different culture). I am now in a state that I want to leave him as my parent are questioning me and I am hiding from all my relatives. I really don’t know what to do now, I do love him and have very strong feelings for him. I do know that co-habiting in islam is haram.

My husband is not honest to me about his relationships with women

It so happened that when I met him 2 years ago before we got married he used to play intimately and have sex with the ladies here and there. Sometimes he was having 3 ladies a day and the ladies do not know about that. He usually go on a wrong path. When I met him, I didn’t know anything about it.

Should I reveal my past to my future husband if he has asked me about it?

I am Inshallah going to marry a really really nice guy very soon. He is so in love in with me and is extremely sweet & good natured. I too like him so much and feel so, Alhumdulillah, lucky to have to share my life with a wonderful person.

However, he is aware that I have had past relationships many many years ago. It feels like a different life now. I am so incredibly ashamed of my younger years, I can’t believe that was me…

My husband pretended to divorce me in order to marry a second wife

Due to my medical condition, I gave permission to my husband to take a second wife. The person he wanted to marry put a condition that my husband should divorce me. My husband had no intention to do so. So we devised a scheme to write a letter (unintentional divorce) as below and both of us signed it so that he could marry this other woman.