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Unmarried and pregnant….to a married man. . help!

What should I do? What is best for the baby?

Falling for a married man

I do love him a lot, but I am honestly very afraid that Allah will punish me. I’m not sure what to do …

How do I get out of this dark phase of unrequitedness?

But for now I feel completely dead, as my whole world has died or if somebody has taken the best thing I loved from me.

Concerns on Becoming a Second Wife

I cannot ask him to divorce his first wife to get married to me. Plus, being the only child, my mom is not agreeing to get me married to this man with 2 kids.

He married someone else, now I’ve been committing zina with a married man

He got engaged without me knowing… We realised we still had feelings and committed zina. He wants to bring his wife to the UK and wants me to consider second marriage.

Married Man Lied to Me!

I found out last week that my partner of over a year has been married (very happily it seems) all along…

I hate my husband and love my childhood friend. Will he be mine?

I got married 5yrs ago and have a son. Ours was not a happy life, he often used quarrel with me for petty things, but still I remained calm haping it will get alright one day…

Divorced 3 months ago, can I marry a married man?

I am 25 years old, am a mother of 2 children and single, i have met my ex-husband 4 years ago and it was an arranged marriage, i gone through very serious family problem through my whole marriage life…

I want to marry a married man

I wanted to marry this guy that my family or his family did not agree to 4months later he married his cousin under pressure from his parents. He dad had said that if he didn’t marry his niece then he would divorce his wife (the guys mum).

A married man having secret conversations

If an Islamic man is married and have secret conversations with a non islamic woman without the wife’s knowledge. Is that permitted?