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In love but I have doubts in my heart

I’m in love with someone…want to marry him, but family does not like him, I like him, but a doubt has developed in my heart saying should i go for that marriage or not.. is it suitable 4 me?

I’ve been in a relationship for 6 years, but my father has threatened to kill me if I choose my own husband.

I would like to begin this query by asking Almighty Allah to forgive me for all that I have done. In some way I know I may not have done the right thing but I don’t know what is right or wrong anymore. I live in a family where, for me it has been a nightmare. I know Islam tells you to respect your parents but what my family has done with me I cannot respect my parents.

We have had a friendship for five years but she won’t marry me

I have a friendship with a muslim woman for 7 years. we understand each other alot and exchange gifts but the problem am having is i wanna marry her and spent rest of my life with her. I finally found ture happiness. The problem is she only loves me as a friend and we both from different culture am black she is pakistani. Most of pakistan womens only marrys their pakistan men.

I want to marry my boyfriend but I’m paranoid that someone has been watching me

Salaams, I have been going out with a guy for about 4years. I know that it is a sin, and i am trying to put things right as we both would like to get married. My mum recently found out about him and i feel as though she is not happy, obviously because i have been seeing him. Now I feel paranoid that someone is following me.

Christian Guy wanting to marry a muslim woman

Hello, cheers everyone. I am a christian catholic inlove with a very nice muslim lady. We are so inlove that we did not care about our religion or the future ahead of us. We were full of hopes of being together. Recently, a guy tried to take her away from me. When my gf rejected him, he made all this bad stories about my girl and basically destroyed my girls reputation.

Can I marry her?

We are six in my family including my Dad and Mum making it eight. I am the First Son of my Dad and Fourth child in my family, there is three girls. Ahead of me and two boys after me, making it six.

I am a Muslim girl who wants to marry a Catholic. How do I convince him to convert?

I am a sunni muslim girl who wants to marry a practicing catholic christian. Is it possible for us to get married without changing our religion? Is it allowed in both our religions? If it is not allowed, then can you please guide me as to how should i approach the topic of asking him to convert so that we may get married.

My friend is going insane over a boy

I have this muslim friend she is a girl. Im very worried for her, her problem is that she’s never been in a relationship with a guy and she didnt want to, because it is haram, one day she meets this guy, and she says to me ” I dont know why, but I feel he is the one I am going to marry”. She didnt want him in the start but she could not forget him and she said it felt like something else controlled her, and she could not stop thinking about him.. So they been together for a year, and they had some problems but everyime they left each other they came back.. And I feel and think it’s Allahs will. Because this girl wont even look at other guys.