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Can a girl make nikah for herself without the consent of her parents/family?

They want to make nikkah but she doesn’t want to tell her parents.

In love with my cousin… But is divorce right for us?

We had nikkah and intimate relationship from last one year but my family is not agreed for our marriage, actually no one knows that we have got married.

Who can give a woman in marriage?

Is it possible for a woman to nominate someone else to give her out in marriage because she thinks her parent may not accept the proposed man?

Online Nikkah?

I don’t want to delay my nikkah…

Can’t get married…

My plan was to get a job, then prepare an apartment, then propose to her family which is in a middle eastern country. But then everything changed.

Not sure of the validity of my marriage

We hastened to prevent sin. Have I been foolish?

Verbal/emotional abuse a few months into nikah

There are times that I am scared of physical abuse… I feel that the respect in our relationship is gone.

Sex before marriage.

We’ve had sex and I want to know is it best to leave her or to convince her to come back and aim for a nikkah?

Halal or Haram? Divorce and Remarry issue.

I’ll be rukhsat in the end of December and I’m still confused is our nikah valid? i’m scared of losing him.

How can we find nikah partner(s)?

Why is it so hard to find a muslimah to marry?