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Not attracted to husband

Ever since I got pregnant my intimacy has disappeared to the point where I can’t even kiss my husband

Don’t love husband anymore and don’t know what to do.

At one point I do believe I loved him but now where I am at, I’m not so sure.

I have no attraction to my fiance

I just don’t know how to have the courage to tell my parents I don’t want to marry him.

No Love, No Sex!!!

She is a good person but I am not sure If I can live a life with someone who is unable to satisfy me emotionally and physically and someone who is not religiously as motivated as myself.

I’m not physically attracted to my wife

Sometimes I remember my first wife and sometimes, I do stuff that I shouldn’t do, like watching other women in the internet… I don’t know what to do. I feel like having another wife.

Falling out of love with my husband

I feel like I am falling out of love as he keeps pushing me away. I am trying to save my marriage but he does not seem to care enough to try.

Two proposals from very different men… Which is right for me?

How important is compatibility, likability and acceptance before marriage? What should I do?

I’ve tried, but I don’t love my wife

I don’t love her, I don’t even like her voice, and when I see other girls I feel like I could have married them instead. I feel so sad for both of us. She knows that I don’t love her, and she is seven months pregnant, but still I don’t call and talk to her.

I didn’t like her then, and I still don’t like her now

After we had our wedding I really tried to feel something for her and tried to make it work, but I realized that it wasn’t and told my parents and they basically told me they would throw me out and disown me. It’s been four years and I’m miserable. I pray to Allah SWT all the time to put love in my heart for her. I pray, I fast, I go to jummah. I’m not perfect, I know that, but I’m striving to be better. I feel like divorce is the only way I need to move on with my life.

Am I right to ask for Khula/divorce from my abusive husband?

I would like to ask my brothers and sisters out there if I am doing the right thing by asking for khula/divorce. I just haven’t got the energy to try and make this marraige work anymore and I apologise to everyone out there and even my family. The relative whom I always wanted to marry is still single and I believe that maybe allah will unite us, and this has been a test from allah to increase my imaan.