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Should I go for divorce or not?

I have tried to talk to him but he calls me psycho and drama if I talk about kids and living together.


By me thinking negatively did I indirectly cause this?

My husband says this is a forced marriage

My husband don’t agree on making babies… He say he will marry again with his choice women but won’t divorce me.

Married and divorced all in 3 years

I need to be happy but I don’t know how to do so.

Tired of a husband who doesn’t work and can’t have children

My husband failed to disclose his low sperm count issue. Also, he doesn’t work, and takes no responsibility for our future.

I’m too old for marriage and children… What’s left for me?

Now I live a lonely depressed life and I will die that way too … What’s left for me? What did I do so I was not granted a good spouse or children of my own??

Husband doesn’t want children, what to do?

I have been married for 6 years And my husband still doesn’t want children. do you think I should stay with him? i am very confused.

I cannot have children and my husband wants to divorce

I want to stay on the right path, be kind and have no bitterness in my heart towards him. It is hard to do. Could you tell me how to stay on the right path during this trying time? Are there some prayers I should say? I need to be strong as my mother is sick and needs my help.

Should we divorce or should husband re-marry because we haven’t got a child?

We are married for nine years, but we haven’t got any child and we both thinking where our relationship is going? No baby. He loves me alot and I love him too, I can’t live without him. I am the one who gave suggestion to my husband to give me divorce, may be because I can’t give him a child and start new life, or getting married with another girl.

Secretly married to an Algerian who pretends to be a doctor

Salams. I am married to an Algerian. His family is unaware that he is married. His family thinks that he is a doctor. He is afraid of telling them the truth because it may have serious consequences. I desperately want children and now because of this he refuses to have children with me. What should i do?