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In love with a girl of greater age

As a boy, this is considered taboo in our society to marry a girl of greater age.

Loving older woman

I was deeply in love but could not tell her. Now she don’t reply my text messages and don’t answer my calls.

Guidance on Marriage – Please Help

I like her character and religiousness… In a few days my mother will meet her. Should my mother say anything about me to her?

I committed zina with an older woman

But the problem is the woman got pregnant and I’m now not just stressed I’m in a big deep of depression because of her and the child.

Can I marry an older, non-Muslim divorcee?

I am 23 year Muslim boy and since 7 months I am in love relation with a 33 year old non Muslim divorced girl.

Getting married to an older woman

What is it like being married to an older woman compared to some one who is younger ie benefits, things I should maybe be sensitive about?

Social situations and age factor causing problems in our chances of marriage

I still cannot talk to my parents about our marriage. I can only do that after I am done with my studies and then I have a job. She being older than me makes the situation hard for us.

How do I meet men at my age?

How can you meet men? I tried dating sites, but they are rubbish and time wasting. Mostly men are not interested in commitment. I work too, but when I am alone I feel depressed, even when I pray and have some activities.

Want to marry an older, previously married lady

The girl has been doing ishtekhara also and things looked positive until his sheikh came along, so what should she do now? She has told him to do ishtekhara the correct sunnah way, but he still asked this sheikh because his father said he is a religious and God fearing person.

He says she’s like his mother

  Good afternoon, I’m a filipina and a christian, and my boyfriend is pakistani and a muslim. He told me he wants me to marry me, but my instinct is that he’s not telling the truth because he has a 50 years old caller that always calls him. When I ask him about it, he told me that the woman is […]