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How can we persuade my parents to let us marry?

I’m serious about him but I am 16 and he is 19… But we are talking about future tense.

Male seeking advice regarding marriage without parents’ consent

I had told my parents about her and have told them about my decision to marry her, but my parents are not at all willing to accept my decision because nobody has ever married anyone from outside our community. They fear that by doing so, they will be insulted in their society.They also reason that since she and her family are from another region of the world (Europe), their family and moral values won’t be on par with ours.

Want to marry an older, previously married lady

The girl has been doing ishtekhara also and things looked positive until his sheikh came along, so what should she do now? She has told him to do ishtekhara the correct sunnah way, but he still asked this sheikh because his father said he is a religious and God fearing person.

Love and loss

My family is against this marriage, but I love him and I am having great difficulty moving on. I have faith in Allah, and I’m praying for Him to show me the way forward. I pray to Allah that if it was meant to be then for Him to ease our path, and if it wasn’t meant to be for Him to heal our pain. I can feel his pain even if we are not together, and I don’t see him or talk to him anymore. I love him and feel like crying. My family doesn’t understand my love for him. I am desperate and don’t know what to do anymore.

In This Case is it Haram to Divorce my Husband?

Do I stay married to my husband? The one who I love, trust and can see having a future with Islamically, even if my parents do not see this? Or would divorce be the most appropriate solution since I cannot choose between my parents and my husband?

I married a revert in secret, now my mother is not agreeing

I have married to a muslim boy who is converted to islam but as he was hindu and was married with hindu girl before converting to islam, but now he has divorced her and we have got married

I want to marry my cousin but they are forcefully marrying me off to another man

Problem with my choice were old family clashes n that he is still not well establish as my parents want, n reputation in family, that what will relatives say about us, our daughter wants a love marriage?

I got secretly married to her and my mother is against love marriage

We have our affair continued for 6 years and then we got married but we have kept it little secret. Her family has not any problem, problem is with my mother and other family members

Parents do not approve the man I wish to marry

I was too upset with my life and sincerely repent to Allah for all my mistakes, doing hijab and do my prayers. I was forced for that i wasn’t willing to do. Now i tell my past to a person to whom i wana marry. He respect me alot and forgive me for my mistakes which i have done in past.

Is it too early to consider love and marriage at the age of 20?

I need some advice about marriage, I have been in a relationship with a man from for the last 3 1/2 years. I am 20 years old and still in education, I also hope to go to university in the future. I have mentioned it to my mother that I wont to get married and have someone in mind, but she does not take much notice of what I am trying to say!