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I married a revert in secret, now my mother is not agreeing

Love marriage or arranged marriage?

Love marriage or arranged marriage?

I have married to a muslim boy who is converted to islam but as he was hindu and was married with hindu girl before converting to islam, but now he has divorced her and we have got married but our parents do not know that we are married, my problem is that i have shared with my father that i love this boy and want to get married to him but the problem is he has agreed for our marriage but my mother is against it and i have tried to make her understand alot that we really love each other and want to stay together but from past 8 years the decision is jst pending.

Because of delay i really get up set and always feel under depression can you please suggest me some wazifa or some dua where i can ask forgiveness from Allahtala and pray hard to stay together with my husband because after marriage also we stay separately.

I request you to please help me by sending some dua and please pray for my marriage that Allahtala soon show his mercy on us.


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  1. Salaam,

    Sorry but to get married a woman needs a wali? The marriage is invalid if there is no wali.

  2. Assalamu'alaikum,

    You said your father has no problem with this. Did he agree before the Nikah, meaning he allowed you to marry or is he unaware, too, that you have married him?

    According to a hadith, consent of the Wali is a condition for Nikaah. So if your Wali was not there during the Nikah, it stands invalid and you may have to reperform the Nikah with him in presence of your father.

    Repent to Allah for any sin committed in the past 8 years while you were togther.

    If your father has no problem, perhaps he can try to convince your mother about him, considering that he did not convert to Islam just for the sake of marriage. If he did so for marriagr alone and believes in Hindu idols, then he is not a Muslim and you can not marry him until he believes in Allah Alone as his God and Muhammad Sallallahi Alaihi Wasallam as His Messenger.

    There is no wazifa to get married to a particular person, you can perform Istikhaarah instead.

    Abu Abdul Bari Editor

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