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I am in a fix about my sinful situation

This news and humiliation is spreading more and more and I am wondering what will become of my life…

I’m lost on what to do…

I have been with this girl for 2 years… she keeps looking at the stuff I did and judging me for it saying I’m the devil and that I can never change.

Mistakes in the past…

I’ve repented and I just want this issue to go away, I don’t want this to go further or hurt my family.

One lost unhappy soul

I am separated from the man I married… I gave two of my children to him that he takes care of and the youngest one lives with me…

I’m a bad daughter

My mom always wanted me to be a very kind hearted religious girl… I never paid heed to my mother’s wishes.

Need a wazifa to get my fiance to come back

One week before the engagement he told me and my family that he is not able to digest the fact that I had intercourse with my ex boyfriend and he is breaking the relationship…

forgiveness from another human

I have been repenting of my sins to him and Allah. I have written him emails confessing my sins, and I pray five times a day and do all the duwas and astaghfar. However, I often come across thoughts like Allah will not forgive a person until the person he has wronged has forgiven him. I am depressed that I made some mistakes in my relationship, and my husband is not ready to forgive me even though I am sincerely sorry and want to make things work. Would Allah ever forgive me if my husband refuses to, despite my sincere efforts?

The past still in my future.

Also what should i do about the bad things ive done in my past? I read one should keep their sins between them and Allah, just recently, and due to ignorance i have told close friends from that time when i did them but now i will never tell anyone.

My parents are forcing my sister to get married because of my past mistakes.

I wish I could do something for my sister but I am just such a bad sister:(:(:(. The baddest anyone can get:(; my parents don’t want to listen at any cost. I am helpless :(:(:(:(. I don’t know what help to ask also :(:(.

Cheated on husband before marriage

Before I got married I flirted with some other boys and kissed them. That’s when I was a teenager. I recently told my husband about it, and he doesn’t know if he can accept it. He is talking about divorcing me. What can I do?