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Marriage with another race

My mother is a racist, she is a truly believer but she also thinks that only arabs are practicing the islam the right way…

I want to marry a non-Arab

I’ve heard my father talk about the right man… and the right man apparently has to be an Arab.

I prayed to Allah and received the best gift

I know my parents will not accept my fiance for what his background is, which is half Arab and half black. My family is a bit racist. Does anybody have any advice or anything in the Quran that states ethnicity in marriage?

Parents forced me into nikah

Can my family disown me for not marrying someone of their choice? Do these buzurgs or spiritual people really exist? How are they predicting the future? Or someone’s marriage?

Parents’ disapproval of a pious girl

My parents are not agreeing as they are saying this will totally dishonor them in our society/community if I marry a woman of such low lineage/race.

Black revert looking to marry Pakistani Muslimah

Is this allowed in Islam? She is worried about her parents accepting me because of my skin colour.

Marriage without wali?

My mum refused his proposal saying that “you’re Indian”… Can we get marry because I can’t live without him and same as he?

Do I need consent to marry based on race?

I’m a Pakistani and the guy I would like to marry is a Jamaican Muslim (convert). He has been a Muslim for over a year now and is on the straight path Mash’Allah.

He has left me because I don’t speak the language his mother understands

I know he will not change his decision and that she is the one he wants and no matter how much I beg him and want to be with him he will not be with me because he wants someone who can speak to his mother in his native language. This hurt me because I have been trying my best to learn his language but it can not happen over night.

How can I get my father to accept our marriage?

I am a 21 year old girl who wants to get married to someone I’ve been with for nearly 3 years.

The problem is I’m Pakistani and he is Bengali, and because of this my parents aren’t accepting.