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Sexual abuse by my father (+zina) family issues

Being forced to having sex with my father every Night from when I was a little Girl til now is something that eats my soul every bit every Day.

Committed zina and I feel ashamed and worthless.

It started from a young age… a guy forced me into it.

Divorced with 3 kids and remarried without telling my family

Is the marriage valid?

Will Allah forgive me for having sex… I did not want to lose it when I did…

A man forced himself on me… Now I have a boyfriend but we have a sexual relationship.

Pregnant after rape by family member

If someone gets pregnant after rape by family member, can they commit suicide?

My friend and I have been raped

I am 17 and she is 16… whenever it is dark I see his face…

Alcoholic and cheating husband

My husband loves his alcohol and loves trying out different girls… he has beaten me up a lot, tried killing me a few times, treats his kids badly…

What should i do to be with my husband?

I had sex forcibly by a guy… Now my husband doesn’t want me and don’t want to stay with me.

A man forced sex on me but my husband won’t forgive me

After visiting with my friend, her husband asked his friend to give me a ride home. He forced himself on me. Now my husband will not forgive me.

Are my reasons valid when asking for a Fasakh of nikkah?

He refuses to give me a divorce.The Muslim court also refuses to unless I give him another 3 month chance.