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My friend and I have been raped

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Rape is a crime. It is never the fault of the victim.

Assalam walaikum.... I want to tell about my rape case... it was me and best friend we were walking on street one guy came and pulled us together in his car and took us to desert and there it was so dark we couldn't run and he forced and raped us both he did everything bad with us and we know we are no more virgin and I am really very afraid if I get married to someone ofcourse he will come to know .... please kindly reply me or tell me something that I coke over this I can't sleep whenever it dark I see his face .. I am 17 and she is 16 and we were raped this age ... I'll be really thankful If I get a reply .. this was really a sad thing and I couldn't write but I wrote it because I had to ... please reply as soon as possible


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  1. Sister I am not able to give a satisfying answer to you because your case is so sad and evil. All I can do is make dua for you and your friend and all those that have suffered similar to you. May Allah deal with these people and Allah is aware of everything. You will surely get your justice one day

  2. sister rape is not a joke. if you seriously got raped and this is not a made up story then my sympathies are with you. . you got kidnapped from the street and he took you so so far away to the desert or may be it can be that you are from some arid country and then got raped in desert

    who that guy was? i mean alone a guy kidnapped two girls and two could nt defend. you were two not one. was it a revenge or he knew you both or he was keeping an eye on you both for a long time. then you know that person right you should go to the court and stop him from raping more girls if cant then forget, pray and move on .

    i m sorry for bad words. Allah knows the best and may Allah forgive us all and punish the rapists

    • assalamu alaikum.......this not the kind of reply my muslim sister would be looking for.....please think, analyse before you comment sorry if im hurting you......but need to understand.....its a duty of muslim to this is not an advice....ur jst hurting her.....pls apoligize

  3. As salaam alikum..
    Im so sorry to hear that from you sister.. I have faced the same situation and have been rapee by my uncle.. Its was a bad night mare i stilll remember that bad thing which happend to me..
    As time goes you will feel better i say.. Whenever your freee pray pray and that onltly will help u.. Think about your future there is a long go for your marriage dont think about it now the more you think it will cause u damage .. Talk to your parents go out do work keep yourslf busy.. Please dont go out alone may be day or night go with elderly person..
    May allah bless .. Take care

  4. Amy: Im so sorry to hear that from you sister.. I have faced the same situation and have been rapee by my uncle.. Its was a bad night mare i still remember that bad thing which happend to me..

    Did your tell any one about that? Did your uncle threaten to harm you? Do you still see your uncle in family gatherings?

  5. You should seek counselling, talk to your parents, and doctor, and immediately the POLICE. Be open and completely honest. This can never be your fault, not matter what you were wearing. You do not need to tell future partners, although if you get married you may decide to share with your husband - most men would be very sympathetic.
    Although all of that being said, a sexual encounter that you later regret is not rape.

    • Sara,

      Chrisinmist was merely distinguishing between "consensual sex" which is later regretted, and rape. If anything, it validates the point further because rape is very serious, and should not be confused with regretted consensual sex. He/She wasn't saying that the victim here engaged in consensual sex. Perhaps his/her judgement was poor to bring it up altogether.



  6. Wael,
    I sincerely apologize for lashing out. I have been through this same experience recently and I’ve been diagnosed with PTSD. I’ve been experiencing a lot of irritability especially when I see people questioning victims on matters that are not in their control. I know how it feels and it’s highly offensive to people who’ve gone through something so traumatic. I did not know when I replied to these posts that I had PTSD so I wasn’t able to find a way to control my emotions.
    I was impulsive a few days ago and just angry at everyone. I did not mean to sound so harsh. I hope you can forgive me.

  7. Also, if you could delete my previous comments I would greatly appreciate it. I hate to see myself writing with so much hostility. It is making me feel worse looking back at that than I already do.
    I can’t explain how awful I feel.
    I am working on myself now.

    And one last thing, I do very much appreciate your website and all the ways you’ve helped others. On my most horrible days I find myself on this site looking for advice. Thank you and I’m sorry.

    • Sara7, no problem. We all have bad days, I get it. I have deleted those comments. I invite you to write a new comment in a more balanced tone, and to share whatever advice you have for the poster.

      Wael Editor

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