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Can I do black magic on my girlfriend?

Suddenly she stopped talking with me and blocked me everywhere. I am not concentrating on my work or anything, and day and night I am thinking about her. I want her back in my life, so I want to do some magic on her to not get married to any other man.

I cheated on my fiancee by talking and meeting another woman

I find myself in this dark hole alone and searching for a way out.


I feel that I can no longer contain myself after holding my emotions for so long.

My wife demands khula and has a bad past

She asked me for khula. I tried my level best to save my marriage, tried every possible way… But she did not change her decision…

My wife committed adultery

I showed her nude pictures to her family and told my parents. She keeps crying all day now because she thinks everyone hates her.

What should I do?

I’m seeking suggestion about family harassment… I have faced lot of insult.

I ruined my own life

He started to blackmail me, that all my pictures will be published over the internet… He said he’ll stop if I cut myself or start sex chat.

I want to become a female fighter against ISIS

I hope no one is going to tell me to not fight ISIS because they are my ‘brothers and sisters’ in Islam. They are definitely not. I have no heart or feelings for any ISIS terrorists. A sewer rat has more value to me than all ISIS terrorists put together.

My husband wants revenge after divorce

I have finally left him, particularly for the welfare of my child. In retaliation he is threatening to expose what he suspects…

Should I Pray to Allah to take my revenge from someone who hurt me?

So can I say Allah to take my revenge from him? Can I say that to Allah for a man for hurting me and using me emotionally? I can never forget him and I don’t want him to be back to me ever, but I want Allah to take my revenge from him, so could I say that? Should I say that type of dua for him?