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Istikhara prayer and effects of sihr

I’ve been told that I have symptoms of sir and someone also said that istikhara turns out wrong because of it. I want to know if that is actually true??

What are my options as a Muslimah?

Please don’t say why don’t you send your guardians with your proposal- the country where I live, I will get labelled as a promiscuous woman for my life and the proposal would be of course rejected because that is the culture here. Only guys’ families can send proposals.

How can we find nikah partner(s)?

Why is it so hard to find a muslimah to marry?

I’m perplexed

I’m worried how my husband will treat me as my dad shouts at my mom, abuses her verbally… I don’t want a man like my father to be my husband.

Should I keep trying online marriage sites?

I don’t like talking about myself (introducing myself) to potential spouses and I always wonder what if my future husband finds out I spoke to potential brothers about marriage.

Considering a divorced man with a kid

I’m praying istikhara and I am not feeling good about it… My friend is telling me if I take all this negative feel thing into account, I may not be able to achieve religious benefits.

Depressed and desperate to get married

I feel like allah is testing me, but wallahi it is too much burden for me it feels soo heavy… everywhere I see in my country there is fitna…

I can’t find a suitable wife!

My family is looking for a suitable spouse for me and unluckily, I have utterly been very disappointed on looking at the current moral scenario of females.

Lost for Love

What advice would you give to a sister who is somewhat desperate to have a better half in marriage but keeps getting the pain of rejection?

Positive Istikhara for two potential spouses

Both Istikhara I did for the two potential girls came out positive, but my heart is directing me to the first one. Can I please receive some advice from brothers or sisters here in what you will do in my case?