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I look at my elder brother’s wife while she is sleeping

I have developed the unconscious habit of rising from my bed to go look at my sister-in-law while she is sleeping. Her own husband doesn’t sleep with her. What to do?

Wife suspects me of cheating with brother’s wife but I did not

My wife is so suspicious that she think I had relationship with my brother’s wife, but honestly I have no affection or relation with her.

Cruel sister-in-law

I need everyone to know the truth about her…

In-laws live with us and driving me crazy

My mother-in-law and sister-in-law live with us even though they have their own houses. I don’t know how to cope with this.

Problem with in laws

I feel like I’m getting bullied by my own family members.

Confused after marriage

When I talk to married sisters, its as though – this cycle never ends and its a norm. But this is not a norm I want to accept for my life.

False accusations…

We accused my sister in law of running away from our house… only to keep her away to protect remaining family.

My sister in law is alone

I was thinking to get her in my life to give her a good life same as my wife. Is there any way in Islam to help her?


Culprit: Sister in law. Victim: Myself.

There are three people in this marriage!

We live with in laws plus older sister of my husband… Since beginning she is head of the house and acting wife of my husband… I’m the lowest and she is the boss.