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Sister in law creating problems in family

Culprit: Sister in law. Victim: Myself.

In her(sister in law's) presence: My personality, my character, the way i precieve people, my thoughts, my way of spending life(i.e.,i become stuck to one place(without producing thoughts and stuck)), Everything gets shadowed by badLuck. I can't think freely. Everyone just detracts from me. All the good luck is gone. The struggle that i have to do get to people, i can't even reach there to do it.

When she is not present: Everything becomes fine, My family, my social life, my career. I actually start to think properly. I do whatever i want to do, I think freely. My family comes to me as friends, advice me and understand me. I don't think my life has ended and that i have no future and that i can't do anything. I go to friends and all in all i am not hypnotized and neither is my family.

What i have tried: Meditation and stuff, Going to university to get busy, Getting a job, talking to parents, talking to friends and one thing was main in all of them, I never got the solution. Until i get rid of this magic, there is nothing that i can do, i am always stopped from thinking. But when she is not present its like Good luck gets upon me.  When she is not at home where i live, away from my family in any way possible.


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  1. You're kinda just using her as an escape goat to not deal with your own issues. It's not luck, stuff happens, there is likely no correlation between her presence and your success. But saying things are going wrong in my life because she's there is helping deal with issues by blaming her and not taking responsibility for them yourself. I recommend figuring out why you don't like her and then dealing with life and thinking what's happening to you is either random or there's an opportunity to improve.

  2. True believers never worry about worldly problems magic jinn etc....They have full belief in Allah and obey is commandments at all all time adopting the sunna of Muhammad S.A.W. My brother if we are not praying 5 times a day and reading quran daily eating halal looking hearing halal then what do you expect!!!!The person who disobeys Allah commandments will live a hard life in this world regardless his intelligence wealth etc......SO BE WISE!!!!

  3. As-salamu alaykum. There is not enough information in your post. Are you a man or a woman? Is this sister-in-law your wife's sister, your husband's sister, your brother's wife, or what?

    • Today I am 22 years old and i am sure if such hatred existed in our hearts as it does now( i literally feel like physically or spiritually destroying them.) then these 22 years would have never been.

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