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Cruel sister-in-law

Sister in law creating problems in family

Assalam Alaikum!

I have been married a year and father and mother in law are also nice...however one sister in law also lives in the house...she tries her best to make me cry...she has made it hell for me to live with in laws n my husband has whole set up there...what bothers me is how she gets away with so much cruelty and wicked disrespectful tactics? She has driven the middle bride out before me n now she wants me to leave...she goes to the extent of backbiting all sort of wrong things to my father in law turning the whole family against me but allah is ghafoor ur rahim who doesnt allow it to happen. Her kids r ill mannered...she talks against my husband n also tells my mother in law that once these men get women see what they turn into about her brothers including my husband...she has her husband living too but she has failed to make a good man of him by distracting herself into these cheap behavior. Its been going on long in the family n now its so hard for me to tolerate her...i always respect her n try to be nice but she has her mind made up to her goal n shes determinded to achieve it. She lies to no end. She tries to please her dad and this way show that i dont deserve to be respected as she is the better one...her mother is also tired of her n also all other sisters who r not one bit like her...sometimes i just want to shout out to the world what she does to purposely hurt me n ignore me n make me cry...i want to share all my experience with the family but i just keep quiet. If u try to encounter her she backfires u with all sort of name calling like liar etc...i have caught her many times red handed doing mean things to me...i need a dua that will make everyone know the truth n remove her from the house...thankyou

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  1. Hi

    I am forwarding you a few Quran Aayats used for protection from enemy and oppression. Good luck, have patience and recite these duas and soon you will see how it renders the enemy incapable of harm.

    Dua'a 135 Recite 100 times daily :

    There is no power nor strength with (anyone) save Allah.


    Dua'a 139 Imam Ali said - If a person, subjected to oppression, pray a two rakat salat and after salam, recites verse 10 of Al Qamar 100 times, inshallah, Allah will deliver him from the Oppressor
    O Lord, verily, I am overcome, so help me.


  2. Your sister in law in crazy and has issues. She will never change. Even her parents are fed up with her. Too many people live in that household. Her husband and wicked kids too. Your only solution is tell your husband to get a separate place. According to Islam a husband is to protect her and shelter her, instead you’re being abused and oppressed and he is allowing that.

  3. Al Salaamu Alaykum,

    The reality is, it's very unlikely that you will be able to do anything to get your sister-in-law put out of the family house. I would guess it's just as unlikely that your husband would be willing to taking you out of the family house, and setting up a separate residence away from her.

    If living with that woman is outside of your control, be reassured that the way you react to her is within your control. Personally I don't think being "nice" works with certain types of people. Sometimes it's better to just ignore them completely, and do your best to treat them as though they were NOT actually there, as much as you possibly can.

    If you feel threatened that she might try to cause more fitna and create scenarios or situations to make you look bad when you've done nothing wrong, then cover yourself. Begin keeping a journal of all the wrong things you see her doing, or problems she's causing. Gather any other evidence (photos, recordings, videos) you can use to support your case if she ever brings an accusation against you. You could also use that evidence, built over time, to show her family to hold her more accountable, if you don't think it would work against you.

    Unfortunately, there are no simple fixes to these sort of household dilemmas. Outside of taking proactive steps to protect yourself and your sanity, the best thing to do is keep asking Allah to bring a relief and way out of the test you're in.

    -Amy Editor

  4. Well aside from the fact that I don't understand how or why you would live with in-laws, why don't you just move out? Like you don't have to buy a place, just rent some place nice and affordable for you and your husband. Maybe close to your in-laws if you are very close to them.

    No point in wasting your energy in that place with her there to cause you misery daily.

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