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Need guidance to take the right decision

I am in a very difficult situation of deciding what to do regarding my marriage and my family.

How to come out of tension?

I know everything happens for your own good…

How can I control my disobedient wife?

Now even six months passed she is still repeating the same mistakes which means that these are habits not mistakes any more.

My husband is dominating, possessive, and mentally tortures me

My father made that pact after finding out that my husband had lied to all of us regarding his qualifications (the truth is he is not even 10th pass, and I have a master’s) and his family status. Even I was lied to, but I forgave him as I did marry him thru the court 2 years before our nikaah.

How do I turn back to Allah when I remain tense all the time?

I always remain tense and the only thing that comes from my mind is hatred of this world. Every time I look in the mirror and say to myself that I’m a good person, I want to help people, but still I don’t want to be a hero.

How can I deal with my rising anger levels?

I got married in February but I am recently having a lot of anger issues in my marriage. I am under so much stress and I am becoming scared of my feelings…living with my husband is a lot harder than I thought and I sometimes feel like I do everything with no help.

How do I manage my wife’s bad behaviour?

I want to share my entire situation so that I would tell you the better question which I am suffering from. My wife was already divorced of six year relationship with her ex before I got married. She was a sterility patient and I knew this very well.

How can I have a happy relationship when I am so bitter about my sacrifices?

I am a person who used to be very sociable. I used to hang out a lot with friends, family, cousins and more. Eight years ago a man entered my life. Since I said yes to him, people that were close to me become my enemies. He is not a bad guy at all he is Muslim and has no bad habits at all

How can I connect with my wife after 10 years of marriage?

I need to understand that in a situation where I have spent more then 10 years with my wife, how I still feel and I think my wife too that we do not have understanding between us.

Shocking divorce after miscarriage, will I meet my unborn baby in Jannah?

I married to a doctor who was out of family. He divorced me just after my 5 week abortion. I am really going through a great trauma and yet unable to forget my past. I do not know whether Allah almighty has punished me or made me free of exhusband. I am unable to accept reality…