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My husband wants another baby

I said to him that I can’t… As a “punishment” he said he doesn’t want any intimacy with me as according to Islam I can not say no to him for a kid.

Abortion pressure

I am pregnant and pressured to book an abortion by my husband. I will never forgive him.

Strict parents and marriage

I’m very stressed out about the whole issue as he doesn’t want to wait anymore and is pressuring me to talk to my parents.

My mom wants me to get an abortion

I am a muslim pregnant by a non muslim. My mom wants me to get an abortion but i Don’t want to. I love my boyfriend and am willing to have his baby. My mom says she will curse me if i choose to have this baby. I am scared of the curse and the […]

A forced arranged marriage

Should I sacrifice my happiness and marry my cousin? For my parents happiness…?

Emotionally blackmailed into marrying a guy I don’t want to marry

My parents want me to get married, which is fine, but my mum is adamant to give me to her sister’s son, which I don’t want… She doesn’t seem to care about my feelings and about my consent. To her emotional blackmail does not constitute forced marriage…

Being forced to convert from Islam

My husband converted to Christian and is forcing me to convert too.

I don’t want them to do istikhara

My family is not allowing me to do istikhara and are doing it themselves. If results of istikhara are positive, I will have to say yes, even though I don’t want to.

Trapped between the risk of zina and usury

I think Riba “Usury” is a bigger sin but think I should get married then start paying off loan, what do you think is best?

I’m being forced to marry my cousin

They’re shoving marriage down my throat at the age of 17…