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Can I marry over the phone or in court?

I am in love with my cousin but my parents have someone else in mind.

Marriage at 4 months pregnant

Now I’m not sure if this marriage is valid. As I have been hearing you can’t marry pregnant women.

Marriage dilemma

I heard from one source that if sexual intercourse has not been done within 6 years the marriage is over automatically…

Is his secret marriage valid?

My brother married the maid. His wife doesn’t know and they live in one house. The maid is now pregnant. He said he will divorce the maid after she gives birth but will still provide expenses for the child.

A secret marriage while still married to first husband?

She wants that nobody else should be aware and for the outside world, she will have her hindu name and still married to her hindu husband.

Marriage not registered in Shariah, is it valid?

My husband got married to converted muslim girl without my knowledge. The marriage is not registered in shariah court and their parents did not know.

My Wife left Islam temporarily

She came back to Islam after 7 months, and now she is practicing much more. Do I have to marry her again?

I don’t think this marriage is valid

I was a new convert to Islam and I trusted my husband too much and now I see how I foolishly gave up all my Islamic rights to him due to ignorance, cultural values and misguide.

Can I marry her?

Before either of us was born my father married her mother. They did not have children together and quickly divorced.

What does Islam say about long term separation from spouse?

Before he left he never said anything about staying this long… He sends monthly upkeep to my son and I but he has never come home in these 4 yrs.