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Can I marry her?

Confusion by Keenya Woods

I am interested in marring this Muslim sister, before either of us was born my father married her mother. They did not have children together and quickly divorced. I just learned of this and I am wondering will our marriage be valid in the eyes of Allah?


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  1. Assalaamualaikam

    The short answer to your question would be: I don't know.

    I'd advise speaking with an experienced scholar about this - and in the meantime make sure everyone involved is observing Islamic limits.

    Midnightmoon editor

  2. You can marry her. In fact, even if your father were still married to her mother, you could still marry her. She is a mahrem to your father, but not to you.

    See the fatwa on Son marrying his father's stepdaughter

    On a broader level, this points to the difficulty inherent in having stepchildren of the opposite sex living in the same home. They are not mahrem to each other, which means that they need to be very careful of their behavior toward each other, not allowing themselves to become too familiar. And the girls should wear hijab when they come of age.

    The only exception would be if both children were breastfed by the mother as babies. Then they would be milk-siblings and would be mahrem to each other.

    Wael Editor

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