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Can I marry over the phone or in court?

Assalam O Aliakum,

I'm a 23-years-old girl, and me and my cousin want to marry each other.
My family wants me to marry another cousin of mine, and I'm not willing.
Can I marry over the phone or have a court marriage with the boy whom I want to marry??

Please I need help. We can't live without each other even a single minute.
It's just so hard to resist each other. Please answer me!


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  1. First of all, cousin marriage whilst technically allowed, is highly discouraged as it can lead to disabled and feeble children. 70% of Pakistanis marry their cousins and this has led to low iq amongst the group. The high school exam results of Pakistani children is lower than almost every other group - so you need to think about whether you are going to continue this inbreeding or follow the prophets advice.

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