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I have dreams about getting married 2nd time, but I am happy with my 1st marriage

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How can I interpret my dream?

I have dreams that I am getting married a second time, but I am really happy with my first marriage.

What do my dreams mean?

- raheemanaaz


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  1. Only Allah knows the meaning of your dream. I can speculate that maybe you are not as happy in your marriage as you think. Maybe everything is harmonious on the outside, but you are not getting the attention and love you need. You must be honest with yourself. If there is something missing in your relationship then acknowledge it and discuss it openly with your husband.

    If you are truly happy in your marriage and there is nothing missing, then say Alhamdulillah and be content with that, and don't worry too much about your dreams.

    Wael Editor

  2. salam

    i don't think you should try and intepret your dreams. they can mean abosutly anything.
    just like seeing yourself die in a dream does not mean you will you die nor does seeing yourself get married mean you will get married again.

    Maybe you should consult a qualified scholar who specalises in dream interpretation to tell you what your dreams mean??
    You can also consult dream interpretation books by Muhammad ibn Seereen.

  3. I was having issues with my brother and his wife who tried a lot to destroy my relationship with my wife. My wife is really a good person Alhamdulillah and we never thought ill about anyone. But my brother's envy and intentions got obvious. He also turned my mother against my wife. During that time, I saw such a dream that some people are getting me married second time but during the dream, I thought what will happen to my first wife who has sacrificed a lot for me? And I denounce the marriage in dream. So the dreams just sometimes reflect life situations. I don't think there is a concrete meaning of it.

  4. Don't worry .You're going to have a cute baby girl

  5. Assalamualaikum,
    I got married one year before and I got divorced this month because he was having an extra marrital affair. I don't know whether I am ready for a second marriage , but in my dream during a morning in month of Ramadan, I saw my parents forcing me to meet a person and there after I really started liking him . It was a beautiful dream of love. What does it mean ?

  6. Yesterday I saw wonderful dream where I married second time with new beautiful and wealthy wife . My aunt escort me to that lady but I am still holding hand hand of my first wife saying thank you.

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