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Dua for Unborn Baby?

This is the typical development of a 30-week old fetus. The fetus is usually capable of living outside the womb and would be considered premature at birth. Nourishment is transferred from the mother's blood, through the placenta, and into the umbilical cord to the fetus. If the mother ingests any toxic substances, the baby receives these as well.

This is the typical development of a 30-week old fetus. The fetus is usually capable of living outside the womb and would be considered premature at birth. Nourishment is transferred from the mother's blood, through the placenta, and into the umbilical cord to the fetus. If the mother ingests any toxic substances, the baby receives these as well.

I am 30 weeks pregnant and am worried for the baby's health due to test results.

Please could you let me know what dua i could read to help keep my mind at peace and have a healthy baby?

I pray to Allah for the best.

- Sister Farhat


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  1. Can someone translate these please?

    I see the first reference is Quran, Surat Al-Baqarah (2: 155-157)

    And the second is Surat Ghafir, ayah 44

    • As requested...

      Surat Al-Baqarah (2: 155-157)

      Be sure we shall test you with something of fear and hunger, some loss in goods or lives or the fruits (of your toil), but give glad tidings to those who patiently persevere, Who say, when afflicted with calamity: "To Allah We belong, and to Him is our return": They are those on whom (Descend) blessings from Allah, and Mercy, and they are the ones that receive guidance.

      Surat Ghafir, ayah 44

      "And you will remember what I am telling you, and my affair I leave it to Allah. Verily, Allah is the All-Seer of (His) slaves."

      • I am now 8 weeks pregnant but no heartbeat detected and the gestational sac wasn't form perfectly.. I'm so worried and helpless with the result yesterday.. What does it imply in islamic view? Is there a possibility that after a week the heartbeat will be detected? Thank you

        • Nabela, a doctor would know best about this. May Allah help you and make it easy for you.


        • Assalamu alaikum sister,

          It is very likely that sometimes a heartbeat can not be detected...usually (if I'm not wrong) women have their first scan at 12 weeks unless someone has a medical history..if the doctor hasn't said anything I wouldn't worry sis...have faith in Allah...I am in my 12week now...everything was going fine until few days ago when I ended up in hospital...I am currently on antibiotics and steroids and also had xrays which could affect the baby.However, Alhamdullillah I strongly believe Allah is the best of planner and Allah will protect my baby. I do understand the stress you are going through as I was once in ur situation but trust me sis if you leave everything on the Almighty you will just fine Ameen...may Allah give you a healthy, beautiful and a pious child Ameen...take care

        • My problem is same....m too much worried...plz pray for me also

      • Salam, may be I'm overlooking or something but what Surah exactly is Surah Ghafir. I didn't find any Surah with this name in the Quran. Also in what sipara I should look this into? Jazakallah o khairan.

        • Surat Ghafir is Surah # 40. It is also called Al-Mu'min. It takes the name Ghafir from the first word of the third ayah.


    • As salaamu Alaykum Brother Wael, I am 26 weeks pregnant same problem I am facing this is my second baby... Yesterday when I went for scanning test report have come with little problems... please remember me in ur Duas... same thing happened for my first baby at 13 weeks Alhamdullillah my first baby is very healthy Allah blessed me with girl baby Sarah Maryam now again I am tested please Dua for my second baby

  2. Dear Sisters,
    I am almost 8 months pregnant. I am very worried about my child, i want my child to be born very healthy physically and mentally. I also have a lot of worries in life, other than pregnancy--which is affecting my pregnancy--> i am very scared becoz of this.

    Please suggest me some duas as soon as possible.

    May Allah bless you....

  3. 1) Du'a of Zakariyya (Zakariah) (as), which he made in his old age while his wife was barren. Allah(swt) answered his call and gave him Yahyah (John)(as), in Al Qur'an, Surah Al-'Imran 3:38:
    "O my Lord! Grant me from You, a good offspring. You are indeed the All-Hearer of invocation."

    2)Du’a of Ibrahim (as). Allah accepted his dua and granted Prophet Ibraheem two sons: Ismael and Ishaq (as), in Al Quran Surah Saaffaat:
    "My Lord, grant me from the righteous ones."

    3) Du’a of Zakariyya(as). in Al Quran Suratul Anbiyaa: 89:
    "Oh Allah, please don't leave me alone (childless), for you are the best of those who give inheritors."

    4) Du’a in Al Qur'an 25:74:

    "Our Lord! give us spouse and children who will be the joy( and the comfort ) of our eyes, and guide us to be models of righteous (Leader of God-concious people). "

    5) Du’a in Al Quran - 46:15 Surah Al-Ahqaf:
    "...Oh Rabb, inspire me to give You thanks for the bounties you have granted to me and my parents, and to act righteously to please You. Lord, make my offspring virtuous. Lord I turn to you in repentance; I am a Muslim".

  4. I have been diagnosed with endometriosis 3 years ago have been trying to fall pregnant for the past 5 years. Alhamdulillah i have fallen pregnant this month im so happy but scared at the same time. Is ther any dua i can read so Allah may bless us with a perfectly healthy and normal baby and i have no complications during this pregnancy and im able to carry the baby full term insha-Allah

    • Sister recite this dua everyday atleast once or twice a day Inshallah Allah will fulfill your desire.

      "Rabbay hub li mil ladunka zurriyatan tayyaba, innaka sami ud dua, rubbay la tazar nif ardun wa unta khair ul war seen"

      • Is this dua from quran? if so you can you please let me know the surah and ayah number. Also can you please tell the meaning of it.
        JazakAllah Khair

  5. Salaam Sister

    Do this it will work inshallah. Have a strong faith in Allah and follow this. I found it on the net, I google allah's names and benefit.

    If a barren woman fasts for 7 days and each day, after making iftaar with water, read (Yaa-Baari-Ul Musawwiru) 21 times, Allah will grant her male children . Insha-Allah

    • These sisters want healthy children, they are not concerned with whether the babies are male or female. Perhaps you had no ill intention but it seems that women ALWAYS favor sons for some reason.

      • ya we prefer baby boy because we know how hard our life is and what we all go thru in our life.

        • How is it related to how hard our life is? I am a woman and I love whether my baby is a boy or a girl, whatever Allah decides to give. It's a huge huge blessing from Allah SWT.

          I already have a a boy and now I am expecting again. Not sure whether this baby will be a boy or a girl, I will take whatever Allah SWT gives happily. But I would be happier if it would be a girl, because I have 1 boy already, I haven't got any girl. I would love to experience having a daughter too.
          Daughters are mother's best friends and they are their confidente' and someone to always talk to and accompany.

    • Assalamualaikum, mashaAllah fasting is always virtuous but i'm afraid that what you have mentioned above sister actually has no basis in the quraan or sunnah, ie the prophet sws did not teach us to do this, or gave us any such instruction and it must have been invented by someone somewhere.

      Stick to the pure way, make lots of dua as Allah says “And when My slaves ask you (O Muhammad) concerning Me, then (answer them), I am indeed near (to them by My Knowledge). I respond to the invocations of the supplicant when he calls on Me (without any mediator or intercessor)."

      What you will have has already been written down for you and it Allah knows that it will be better for you, or a test to strengthen you.


      • Asma,

        Thank you for your comment. You are completely right. So many people find any practise and without thinking associate it with Islam when in fact it has no connection with the Quran or Sunnah.

        I do wish people would think before believing everything they read blindly.

        SisterZ Editor

    • Male children? Does it matter whether the child is male or female? Read the Quran and practice what you know from the Sunnah, if you give advice on a certain practice, confirm it with a Learned person and get your proof from the Quran and Sunnah!! "male children" HA!

    • Male children??? Why? Coz female children are not human? Is it something bad luck or terrible to receive female children??

      wow, sister Rayhana! Because of ladies like you, many females in the east are getting abused by their own family members and husbands. And many female babies are getting buried or killed by their own mothers or fathers just because she was born. You are a female and you are thinking like that. I can't believe it.

      Please sister, whatever Allah gives, both boys and girls are greatest blessings from Allah SWT. All we need is healthy baby. Not gender discrimination.

      please refer to this article in the link.

      Prophet Muhammad ﷺsaid: ‘He, who brought up two girls properly till they grew up, he and I would come (together) (very closely) on the Day of Resurrection, and he interlaced his fingers (for explaining the point of nearness between him and that person)’.

      "Daughters are a great blessing because Allah(SWT) has promised a place in paradise (Jannah) on bringing them up. The one who has 3 daughters or sisters, or 2 daughters or sisters and he brings them up properly and fears Allah(SWT) regarding their rights, then Paradise is made mandatory for him. In some Hadith, when the Prophet(SAW) mentioned the blessings of bringing up 3 daughters or sisters, somebody asked “What if someone has only 1 daughter?” The Prophet(SAW) mentioned the same prize for him as well,i-e a place in the paradise. Paradise would never be made mandatory for such people had daughters not been blessings of Allah(SWT).

      This shows that daughters are indeed a source of blessing from Allah(SWT), therefore if a daughter is born in someone’s house, he should not be saddened by this, instead he should rejoice and thank Allah(SWT) for this blessing. How can they be inferior when a place in paradise is being promise against them? Getting saddened by the birth of daughters was the practice of the Non-Believers(Kuffar) because before the Prophet(SAW) came, the Kuffar used to get saddened by the birth of daughters and used to consider them a burden as they would need to find someone for their daughters to marry. They were such animals that they used to bury their innocent daughters alive.
      It is these blessed daughters that are the means for the existence of humanity, how can they be considered a curse, this is the act of the Non Believers. The Prophet(SAW) has called her a blessed woman who’s first child is a daughter. Therefore rejoice and smile when you hear about the birth of daughters and consider them a blessing for yourself.
      Islam has given a very high status to daughters, therefore consider them a huge blessing of Allah(SWT).

    • Dear sister why male children specifically.. May Allah grant sister with girl and boy child . Please don't be gender biased being a female and a Muslim.. Islam doesn't allow discrimination against gender.


    • May Allah (SWT) grant you healthy beautiful kids inshaAllah

    • Dear Sister,

      If you are still menstruating, then you may still be able to conceive but you need to see a doctor as soon as possible for medical help aswell.

      If you have reached menopause, then sister you know your body has changed and you know that you cannot conceive anymore. If this is the case, have you considered adoption/fostering? There is so much reward in this sister.

      I pray that Allah blesses you with the beauty of Motherhood.

      SisterZ Editor

    • I know what it is like to desperately want a baby at a late age.

      Unfortunately, most fertility clinics will not assist a woman with her own eggs after age 42. After age 42 they use donor eggs. I'm not sure if you are open to this. Would a female relative be willing to donate her eggs?

      Even if you are still menstruating, the chances that you are ovulating are very, very slim. Have you tried purchasing an ovulation kit to determine if you are still ovulating?

      Keep up with your dua; miracles have been known to happen. You should just be realistic. Even if you get pregnant, a woman your age does not produce enough progesterone to build up the lining of the uterus, so you are very very prone to miscarriage because the fertized egg will not implant properly. I"m sorry to tell you all this.

      I'm not sure what country you live in. There are so many orphans in the world -have you considered adoption? Many countries do not permit adoption if the adoptive mother is older than 45, but, you never know.

      There is also a place in Karachi, Pakistan called the Cradle Foundation. Babies are left there, parentless, on a daily basis. I myself know of a girl who adopted from there. She moved to Pakistan for 10 months, and came home with a little girl. I know another lady who is 40 who adopted a 6 year old girl from an orphanage in India.

      So you never know where your opportunity to become a mother will stem from. I myself have tried fostering children through various charitable organizations; even if I do not become a mother, I will be making a difference in a child's life.

      I know how painful this must sound to you. The passage of time can be cruel for a woman.

    • Aoa Sister I was told to read ya Awal every Friday for 40 days. In shaa Allah
      Allah Tallah (swt) will bless you. I also listen to Surah Maryam daily. I like you married late I am 45 and have just been blessed Alhamdullilah. Please make dua for me.
      Allah Tallah (swt) knows best.
      You should go for a test and they will tell you if you are still ovulating and also your ovarian reserve (the number of eggs you have left) which is very low in the 40's age group.
      Please do not give up hope.
      Allah Tallah (swt) is merciful.

  7. I have been diagnosed with early pregnancy haemorrage every time i go for ultrasound I pray pray pray that the baby is safe but the doctors tell me its Allah's will if the baby is granted to me as chances are 50-50 even till the last month kindly tell me of some wirdh that I can do . I recite surah yousaf surah maryam etc etc

    And also pray for me

  8. assalam, please help me with dua, i want to marry, i am 28 years old now.i want to have a baby being a muslima i want to get marry first please prayfor me thank you all.

  9. As-Salaam-U-Alaikum..

    Always see dua's for baby boy.. Does anyone have any dua's for a baby girl?

    • Salaam
      All dua is for getting healthy child.
      Some just say this dua for baby boy....but if you read the translation then it often means GOD give me offspring och dont let me be childless.

  10. i am 8 weeks pregnant, my pregnancy test was positive on 3*6*2013(serum B HCG) today i visited doctor and she cannot see heartbeat and said the tissue is not develop yet maybe you conceive late (my last period date was 29 April 2013. Doctor said visit me on Friday 12 July 2013, I am worried. please suggest me duas for baby 's growth and heart beat, I am already reciting surah yusus, 6 ruku of surah al imran, Allah's name, ya Khaliqu, Ya bari o, Ya Mubdi O, Ya Salam O and Ya mohiu O, surah maryam, me really worried please suggest me more

  11. Dear Sisters and Brother

    My wife is almost 7 weeks pregnant with mono chronic Twins so please tell me what dua we whould recite for healthy babies ?

    • Kashif, I don't know what monochronic is, but please read the answers already given. There are many good duas already given.

      Wael Editor

      • Salaams,

        You know, after thinking about this one (don't ask me why I felt like I needed to figure this out lol), but I think maybe he meant "monoCHROMOSONIC" instead of "monochronic". I believe that would mean identical twins, who have the same chromosonal makeup.

        I could be wrong, but I was bored enough to theorize and just wanted to share lol.

        -Amy Editor

    • I heard of Surah Maryam (please reconfirm it)

  12. Aasalaam alai kum , Alhmdullaih im 2weeks pregnant after 4 years of my married taking medicines of TB .doctor said the medicines which im taking, is very hard for my upcoming baby i cant quit taking medicines becoz its 9 month course .pls suggest any Quranic dua to get physically & mentally strong baby.pls pls pls help im worried.

    • Assalam O Alaikum sister,
      First and foremost congratulations on your pregnancy, may Allah make it easy for you. Here are few supplications/duas you can make during the pregnancy iA;

      ^^^^^^ Ibn Hiban reported in his sahih that Anas (R.A) reported that Holy Prophet (PBUH) said;

      "O Allah! There is no ease except in that which you have made easy and you make difficult, if you wish, easy". (Dua for ease of pain during the labor).

      ^^^^^^ "Our Lord bestow on us from our wives and our off springs who will be the comfort of our eyes, and make us leaders for the Muttaqun (pious)". (Al-Furqan 25:74)

      ^^^^^^ Abu Dawud in his sunan that Abu Bakar (R.A) narrated that Holy Prophet (PBUH) said; Supplication for one's distress is "O Allah! it is Your mercy that I hope for, so do not leave me in charge of my affairs even for a blink of an eye and rectify for me all of my affairs. None has the right to be worshiped except YOU".

      ^^^^^^ The Noble Quran Al-Imran (3:38)

      "O my Lord! Grant me from you, a good off spring. You are indeed All-Hearer of innovations".

      Apart from above one of the biggest problem among women unsuccessfully trying to conceive or among pregnant women is the stress. You need to make sure that you are not stressed and are eating the balanced diet.

      Muhammad1982,, Editor.

  13. Salaam sisters,

    I have been married 3 years ago and I am in my early 20's. I have suffered from a ectopic pregnancy about two years ago. I have been told by the doctor that I am able to get pregnant again, but I have been trying since. Please could you suggest any dua's I could read to become pregnant as I really would like to become a mother.

    • Assalam O Alaikum wrwb,

      @Sister in need for dua;

      Please read the replies under this post from the top, there are many useful duas already posted here. May Allah (swt) grant you and other parents healthy and beautiful children. Amin.

      Muhammad1982, Editor!

  14. told fetus is not growing as expected and they are going to conduct some test few days coming, pls I need prayers I can do to make my result be fine and the growing fetus fine thanks

  15. i giv birth to a still born wth my first pregnancy .Am now pregnant again with a baby and fibriod.pls pray for me so that the fibriod will not affect the baby during delivery. may Allah ease the labor for me

    • maryam, may Allah grant you a healthy and happy child, and good health for yourself, and let your child grow up strong and firm in the faith, and happy.

      Wael Editor

  16. Assalaamualaikum,

    My wife is 5 months pregnant and in the 22nd week of scanning it has been found that our baby has two cuts on the upper lip. Please help me if there is any dua related to this issue and to cure it.


    • ws wrwb...i just want to ask how is ur baby now? i have come across ur comment now and its almost more thn 1.5 i want to know how everything went on?

  17. asw, is there any prophetic dua and medicine for pregnant woman, that wi make the baby grow healthy. Jazakummulau-khayr.

  18. Slam I m pregnant my ist baby died plzz muje koi wazifa bta day parny k ley jis Sa Allah tala muje zindgi wali Olad day plzz

  19. As Salam Alaykum

  20. Please sister and brother try reading the Duas from the Quran for Allah to give good offspring. And even if child little sick keep doing dua it could be worst. Allah test it's not easy, bit he test for a good reason. May Allah protect us. By the way try drinking a lot of black seed oil and doing hijamah Allah can change anyone fate. I tried hijamah and I do it on myself I did around 20 times and al hamdulillah. May Allah gives shyfah to your all and reply to your duas.

  21. Asalam sisters I am 13 weeks pregnant and at my 12 weeks they did a blood test and there is a chance that there might be a complication with my baby so please sister pray for me to have a normal healthy child and also can anyone give a duas to read for my baby to born healthy

  22. i am 24 week pregnant ... dr told me that it looks like that i m having baby girl... i want baby boy as my husband is no more interested in childern .... plz pray for me and tell wazif aso that Allah may bless me with baby boy.... waiting for reply

    • Dear Sister, please appreciate what Allah SWT gives you. It is a huge blessing from Allah to have baby of any gender. Do not complain or be fussy about what Allah gives you as long as your baby is healthy.

      Why you don't want a baby girl? They are not human?

    • The Quran says about this topic Sister
      “And when one of them is informed of [the birth of] a female, his face becomes dark, and he suppresses grief. He hides himself from the people because of the ill of which he has been informed. Should he keep it in humiliation or bury it in the ground? Unquestionably, evil is what they decide”. (Quran, 16:58-59).

      The Quran totally changed this attitude of parents towards their children and taught equal treatment towards them, irrespective of their sex or color. All are children and as such are entitled to the same treatment. In order to change this long established attitude of parents, the Prophet actually leaned more towards female children. His love and affection for his daughter Fatimah, may Allah have mercy upon her, was a bright example.

      There are many sayings of the Prophet ﷺwherein he has promised a great reward from Allah for bringing up female children nicely and with care. “If anyone has a female child and does not bury her alive, or slight her, or prefer his children (i.e., the male ones) to her, Allah will bring him to Paradise.” And, according to Aishah (May Allah have mercy on her) the Prophet ﷺsaid, “If anyone has suffered at all respecting these girls and treats them well, they will be a covering for him from Hell.”

    • Salam sister you know The Gates of Jannah will open for your Husband if you are Blessed with a Girl my daughter was my Blessing SubahanAllah I have also 7 sons b4 her MashAllah some women cannot even have a baby accept what Allah gives and be happy for a Healthy child MashAllah I'm expecting and I hope I have a healthy baby InshaAllah the sex if from Allah and I will be truly Greatful..

      Salam and take care.

  23. Assalamu alaikum, now I'm pregnant by Allah's grace pls dua for me and my child..

  24. I m 8 weeks pregnanty and Dr said after my 1st ultrasound that there is just a sac and no fetal pole..
    I have to wait for 1 more week and if the condition will same they will abort it...
    Please pray for me ...
    Thay my baby will start grow on the coming week..
    Any dua aur wazifa...plz tell me

  25. Salam all,

    I just found out that I am 6 weeks pregnant. I'm still in shock cause I have been trying for 5 years and had 2 miscarriages before this. I really hope that this pregnancy will be smooth sailing and hope that I'll be able to deliver to a healthy baby. Please make dua for me. Thank you.

    • Na, may Allah grant you a successful pregnancy and give you a virtuous child who will be the comfort of your eyes; for He is the One who hears all dua, and He is the best Provider.

      Wael Editor

  26. my wife is pregnant for 6 months we need prayers for our baby,
    thankx masha allah

  27. Salaams, I am 25 week pregnant and just found out that my bay has some fluid in his brain. His heart, kungs, kidneys, liver, legs arms and body is all normal. i have to see Doc again in weeks. Please furnish me with a duaa for a normal healthy baby and delivery.


    • Annon, please read all the comments on this page, as there are some good duas already given. May Allah grant you a healthy and happy child, and good health for yourself, and let your child grow up strong and firm in the faith, and happy.

      Wael Editor

  28. A slam o Alaikum ....I'm 8weeks pregnant but in ultrasound report baby is 6weeks.... I'm so worried...plz tell me any wazifa that's protect my baby and grow my baby...

  29. Salaam sisters
    I have just had my 20 week anomly scan and have just been told my baby has clubfoot please suggest any duas i can read for this im am so worried
    Thank u

    • I was also told that my baby has a club foot at 20 weeks I'm 26 weeks pregnant now. I have been making dua and praying that it is false

  30. Aslamualkum
    Muje 31 week hia meri 7years ki beti hia plz Muje koi dua btai Muje Allah tala beta ata kre plz

  31. Salam everyone its friday pls pray for my baby brother and sister im 29 weeks babies blood flow to pls do dua that next week when i go evrything will be ok ya allah

  32. I m 3 months pregnant.I m worried about my child because his or her heartbeet is not started.plz tell the solution

  33. Asalaam Alikum I am 42 and conceived natural Alhamdulillah which dua can I read to protect my unborn? JAZAKALLAH?(I'm a revert sister)

    • Firstly heartiest congratulations on this good news. May allah bless this beautiful journey of yours with patience, ease and happiness.
      Plz read the foll everyday:
      Read surah inshiqaq everday

      u‛eedhuka bi kalimaat-illaahit-taammati min kulli shayṭaanin, wa haammatin, wa min kulli ‛aynin laammah

      Al mussavero 100 times

      Surah yasin

      Rabbi hab li minas salihin

      • Asalamalekum to my all sister my unborn baby brother has a problem with his heart it's called atrioventricular septal defect please tell me dua for my brother so I can tell my mum and please pray for him

        Please reply as fast as possible I need this dua

  34. Aslam alaikum. I am currently pregnant with fourth child I have three boys and I would like allah to bless me with daughter this is out of my hands but is there any prayer dua I can do toa sk allah to bless me with daughter who is healthy and has no genetic illnesses as my three boys do . The doctors have said I have low chance of having child without the genetic illnesses because there are 2 illnesses involved.

  35. Assalamu alaikum
    I'm 30years old I'm pregnant now for 5 month my fetal has echogenic intracardiac foci problem. I want to rectify this in 6 month itself .. Pls tell me any dua for tis to have healthy baby.

  36. i am 26 weeks pregnant with a baby girl alhamdullilah after 2 miscarriages this year. At 20 weeks we found out our baby is missing most of her left arm. we have had many ultrasound scans to confirm, but i continue to make dua that Allah will cure her of this birth defect. My heart is so incredibly broken. If this is written for her, may she be so beautiful inside and out and live a life of baraka and most importantly be of Allahs beloved.

  37. Assalamu alaikum sis am taking treatment for pregnancy for the past 1:8 years eight months alhamdu lillah am pregnant but doctor told me my baby heart beat is absent after eight weeks of pregnancy please tell me some dua to get back of baby heart beat coz I need baby plz help me and Dua for me sis

  38. Yesterday I found out that my baby has trisomy 18 I’m so scared I hope it’s nothing because I never receive a call from my reg doctor saying simewas wrong and when had my ultrasound yesterday the lady didn’t look it she was seeing anything wrong she all the part of the baby iam now 19 weeks and 6 days today the baby weighs 11 ounces what confuses me was when the other doc took me to other room and told me that I have this she said from last blood work she didn’t mention from my ultrasound so I was in shock when she said death and survival I lost me senses couldn’t process it all I remember her saying some couples end their pregnancy others want to find out about this and continue to see what happens I said I want to find out more about this and see what happens I’m still in shock I hope it’s a wrong information idk what to do I hope there is a dua in transliteration that I can make for my baby for the safe for the growth of the pregnancy and that the baby doesn’t have this please help sis is there any suggestions dua please I will tlk to my gyn because my hospital doc saying to do amino testing my fam saying not to not safe so let’s what my gyn says about this whole thing

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