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Having the surname Mohammed

Muslim namesAssalamu alaykum,

I have a query that I hope someone can help me with please. My surname / family name is Mohammed, like the given name of the Prophet (PBUH), and very recently a couple of people have mentioned to me that you should not use the Prophet's (SAW) name as your surname / last name.

I know this is not mentioned in the Quran, but I am sensing that it may be a school of thought for SOME. I have tried asking for the rationale behind this but I do not get very clear direction - I've heard that it is seen as "dis-respectful" or that it is "unlucky". That latter seems to have superstition at it's root rather than being cited within Islam, so not a strong enough reason for me.  As for the former, I always felt that it was a good and honourable thing, rather than dis-respectful.

I have a young infant son, and I would prefer not to change both of our last names, but I would like to understand this better.

Could I get some advice / views please?


- nm_78

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  1. Dear Brother, Asalamualaykum,

    Please see the following link for some excellent information on the Islamic Naming System in Islam.

    There is nothing mentioned about the name 'Muhammed' in this article which goes to confirm my understanding that there is nothing at all wrong with having this name. The things that people are saying to are not from Islam.

    We are encouraged to name our children after pious people or to give them names with good meanings. The main point to look out for is that an individual's surname should be his father's first name. So your surname should be your father's first name and your son's surname should be your first name. Anyhow, please read the article for detailed information on this subject.

    SisterZ Editor

    • Assalamualaikum all

      i have some question in naming system in islamic standard,
      question is related to surname and given name

      if my father's first should be my surname and my first name should be my son's surname means what will be in my case,
      please clarify me, my father is no more to guide our family. please help me to fix the name and surname issue in our family.
      my question is: My given name is Mohammed Yousuf, father name is Mohammed Ali then what will be my Surname? and what will be my son's Surname?

      jazakallah in advance

  2. Assalaamualaikum!

    I have named my son as Tauseef Sarim Muhammad. Could you please shed some light on this if the naming convention is all good?


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