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Confused about my marriage

I was forced into this marriage. My husband has been mentally abusing me every day.

Divorced with 3 kids and remarried without telling my family

Is the marriage valid?

My husband Resents me

He cursed my family and myself and my lineage and told me I was cursed by Allah… I want khula but he laughed and said he will destroy my life first.

My marriage is literally driving me crazy

My husband has totally broken me mentally. I mean nothing to him.

My husband ran away

Since my first night he beat me up… He took away everything and left me alone.

Can I love a Muslim man when still married to a Christian?

He won’t give me divorce because I converted to Islam.

I love him but he threatens me with divorce

My husband wants to leave me and wants an immediate divorce, this is something he threatens me with every time he is upset or feels under financial trouble.

Cross Roads, divorce no.2

I felt ashamed that this is the second marriage and I could not save it no matter how hard I tried.

Justice or leave to Allah?

Should I go involve the police and get justice? The other question I have is how do I get Allah to forgive me as he would rape me during the time of the month. Am I also to blame for this and him breaking all my fasts?

Help me – trapped in a violent and abusive marriage

He started hitting me after marriage and he’s never sorry – always blame me. I am so depressed and sick of my awful life…