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How do I get out of this?

It’s just 2 and a half months that we have broken up, but he is happy now MashaAllah. I pray for his happiness but I still cannot stop thinking about him.

Have a horrible crush

I feel it was my fault, I shouldn’t have told him in the first place and just kept denying it. But now I don’t know what to do.

Mum does not want my wife

I do not want to see my mum angry with me for not divorcing my wife and too I do not want Allah anger for divorcing my wife for simple reasons.

Step Mother still does not forgive me

I’m just scared will I go to hell because of this? Will my prayers not be accepted because of this?

Husband not giving time

He has no time for me and my son… He is now angry with me not even talking to me.

Having problems with my wife

She says things so hurtful to me… I did everything to change her in bad way like scream at her or even I left the bed. Please I am not the man who is like this at all…

I feel terrible… but why can’t I cry?

He said he hates me and don’t love me any more and tell me taalaq may be some 10 times.

I regret saying talaq in anger

I say my wife Talaque 3 times over the phone when I was angry. If I do touba…. my nikah will remain the same????

Divorce issue – I can’t understand why this is happening!

Is this the way, that you leave your wife for a small thing?

Broken down by relationship ending

All of a sudden he refused to talk to me and told me I wasted 4 years of his life. He even refused to marry me.