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I regret saying talaq in anger

Red button with divorce written on top.

Dear, I am belong from India but now I am in Qatar, 2 days before I say my wife Talaque 3 times over the phone when I was angry, but now my father force me to make touba and accept her. If I do touba.... my nikah will remain the same????
Please advice me as soon as possible or guide me what should I do. I also want to accept her. Now a days I am not taking with her since when anyone will guide me.


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  1. this has been counted has one divorce. Marriage is still valid
    Please in future CONTROL your anger and avoid saying such words.

  2. Salaam brother,

    Please ask this question to the Ulema or Sheikh in your area. To ask random people on the internet is not the way to live your life according to Islam.

    Please ask advise from a person who has learned and dedicated his life to learning and studying the fiqh of Islam. It's not as simple as asking some random people who know very little fiqh rules to just say from their little knowledge, compared to a learned scholar.

    May Allah guide you.

  3. Please note in Islam the true way to talaq is not a one day procedure so no matter how many times you said talaq so you should pay te panalty of distributing food in 60 people. So still she is your wife untill 3 months

    • Are you a Sheikh or a Mufti ? Brother Zeeshan,

      Please don't give a fatwah without proper knowledge.

      You will ruin two peoples lives by giving a wrong fatwah.

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