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What should I do when I have strong feelings for a person who doesn’t even know me?

I am interested in a boy who studies in the same class as me but I do not know him at all.

Understanding the right path

I have no intention to marry a non muslim. If i marry a revert, i pray he has found islam before he has found me. I would never want to marry a revert who reverts JUST to marry me as I don’t want that.

Feeling attraction toward my teacher

It’s hard to lower my gaze but I try my level best.. she is not very beautiful but I don’t know why I start liking her..

Will I ever get him?

He’s the only guy I want to marry…

I need to take my mind off of it

I am engaged but only feel physically attracted to him once in a while… I feel attracted towards a female – my own sister.

Is being emotionally attached with a boy allowed in Islam?

I am a boy and he is also a boy, I care about him so much and I am actually sensitive boy.

I don’t find her attractive

Deep down I know that divorce should really be the last resort but can anyone in light of what I have disclosed advise me?

Coping after divorce

I wanted to continue working on the marriage so it’s really difficult for me to accept it ended, despite how bad it was and how bad it got, I still wanted to try my best.

Should I marry someone I am not attracted to, just because he is good in his deen?

My mother started to tell me if i rejected his proposal without giving him a chance that i would be cursed by Allah…

Marriage with a sick person

He told me about his illness and health – any miracle can happen but he’s not sure and his life is not strong.