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I had a chance to marry a Muslim and did not, am I doomed?

I have always believed in God but since meeting him my world just suddenly changed and was so amazing! Now I feel doomed because I did not marry him.

Lost my partner’s trust, we are broken

e had asked me for the full truth, as his gut was telling him I had hidden so much. I told him some truths and then swore it was everything. He then begged me that there was more and I should come clean so I told him a few more things but still hid others. He then said he would go to my ex-friends and ask them if I didn’t come clean myself. Afraid of the humiliation, I told him every detail. I explained to him that I never wished to hurt him, and my intentions were always pure.

How to gain patience on a heartbreak

I apologized but he told me it’s over that I broke his heart and that he doesn’t trust me anymore.

Suffering after a breakup

I just cant get him out of my mind even though he cheated on me and lied so much. All i do is think about him and why he did that to me. What was wrong with me?

Tried Killing Myself After He Left Me

All I can think about now is google search: how to kill yourself at home astagfirullah. I worked in mental health 5 years and always helped people get out of depression. And now I can’t walk myself without fainting.

I want my fiance back in my life

According to him I showed disloyalty, dishonesty, and I betrayed him when our relation was very weak… but according to me I didn’t betray him because he had already left me.

Should I forget him after he used and took my virginity?

One day he told me that he is no longer be interested in dating again. I was confused, I asked GOD for forgiveness and I can’t do without thinking of him.

My boyfriend is abusive but I love him

Assalamu alaikum brothers and sisters,

I’m facing so many problems in my life. I got involved in a relationship, one which I have been in for the last 8 years. I really love him but he always bothers me, he uses abusive language against me, he slapped me, kicked me. One time I ended up with plaster on my hand for one month during Ramzaan because of him.

Can’t get over the fact that he played me

I had a relationship with this Muslim guy who happens to be my friend of 9 years and it lasted a month..but I”m emotionally damaged and very much ashamed of myself that I went into a relationship trusting him so much.

Heart Broken! How can I trust again!!

Salam Brothers and Sisters. What can I tell you, my heart has been broken, its been almost 2 months now and no, I have yet to cry or anything. I fell for this muslim brother call Ali. I can’t even tell you, how many days and nights I prayed to Allah that he would look my way. Looking in to his eyes it was one of those moments where I knew I wanted to live there. I had never felt such an emotion or feeling.