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“I do”, or set him free?

am a Christian who unintentionally fell deeply in love with a Muslim man. We knew each other for almost 2 years, and spent a lot of time together. He wanted to marry me from the very beginning, but I told him to wait because we have enough time to know each other more everyday. The second time he asked me I got so confused, with a lot of questions in my mind.

I’m 14 and want to convert to Islam

I do plan on telling my parents when I’m over 18, but every night I think about everything that might go wrong.

New To Islam; struggling with issues of Hijab and modesty.

Again, I do not mean to judge or criticise inshallah. I have a lot to learn yet inshallah, but I feel a little lost because I understand we live in a modern world, but should us sisters not be trying to live and dress Islamically, modern world or no modern world?

Urgent advice needed on helping to support my Christian parents

My Dad is in his mid 80’s and I am staying with him during this difficult time. My problem is that he has asked for me to collect Alcohol for him and also cook him food containing pork.

Am I being unreasonable for not wanting kids or is it just something I can’t help how I feel?

My question is am i being selfish for not wanting kids does it make me a bad muslim and wicked and evil? and must i be forced into being a dad even if i dont want to as some people insist i must get married it will solve all my problems when clearly that isnt always the case.

I’m a convert to Islam, taking a lot of criticism from family and friends

I’m looking for help… I’m the only Muslim in my family and I’m dealing with so many people judging our religion of Islam.

I want to marry my Muslim boyfriend but, still not divorced from my Christian Husband

and my 2nd problem is that i am still married to my christian ex-husband and i never filed annulment yet, but we are separated for 9 months now. how can we get married in uae because of their law. can i still get married to my muslim friancee?

He made me convert in order to marry, but now he does not want to marry me

We planned we will get married soon. Sometimes if i use to say him, that lets see we will or not…he use to cry too much and tell me i cant imagine my life without you. then finally we decided we will marry only each other. He made me convert from Hindu to a Muslim girl

Will Allah punish me for being suspicious of my husband when I have every reason to?

My question is that every time I have looked in his cell phone, I have found messages to and from other girls or women, where he is referring to these women as princess, telling them that he is thinking about them, and things like that.

Performing Nikah over the internet, right or wrong?

I don’t wish to enter a marriage and think I understand things when I do not. The area I live in, there are no masjids, no other Muslims. I don’t know what to do and where to turn or what to look up on the internet (and even then, what information is accurate).