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Her parents do not want her to marry me because I am a convert Muslim

I cant let the girl go because I believe I’m meant to be with her, she fears her parents will disown her for she marries me and I dont know what to do, is there any way around this?

I want my boyfriend to marry me but he is scared of his family.

I told him its OK if he cannot take me to meet his family but only I want is to be halal with him because I know what we are doing is haram but what we can do? We really love to each other; please brothers and sisters; I need your advice please.

How can I guide my Hindu parents to Islam?

I was a Hindu girl and reverted around two years ago to Islam by the grace and mercy of ALLAH(SWT). My parents don’t know about this. They are planning for my marriage with any Hindu boy. I can’t marry any Hindu boy.

What are the rules regarding second marriage?

If a man is already married, can he convert to Islam and marry a second wife without divorcing the first?

My fiance wants to drink occasionally; should I still marry him?

He enjoyed the wine with his family before he became a Muslim. Am I allowed to marry him if he refuses to stop drinking occasionally with his family? In hope that he will understand the deen well enough, to know Allah is the only one to be feared.

I am new Muslim and I made a mistake; please help me out.

I hug her and I did more wrong things with her (no intercourse). I promised to merry her and during this I told her that I converted to Islam she cried even more and left the room. I realised that I made a mistake and repented.

I am confused but I want to become a good Muslimah and be accepted in the society

I cannot go back to my life of parties. It’s just is not me now. I am becoming un-sociable. I only see my family and close friends now. I do not want to go out; I live alone and I would like to have children and not be alone. How can I be accepted as a Muslim? By my family, friends and especially my workmates. I am quite a weak person and I do like to fit in and be liked.

My name is Renee, do I need to change it?

I wish to know if I need to change my name, Renee. I have lived as a muslim for nine years but I haven´t converted yet, I will because I want to marry a muslim, soon. Please advice me.

Dua to convert my non-muslim boyfriend to Islam

I am in a relation with a non muslim boy since 6 years. I want to marry him. and he loves me from the bottom of his heart.He is the only son, he doesn’t follow any religion,or say i have never witnessed him worshipping any idol.,and he even doesn’t want to convert..

Converted to Islam but scared to tell parents

i would like to have your view points on a problem. I’ve now been a muslim for a year and i’m married as well. i haven’t told my parents since i haven’t finished school and for them, getting married without finishing my university studies is a bad choice.