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I want to marry my Muslim boyfriend but, still not divorced from my Christian Husband

i have  question, i was converted to islam, and i have a muslim boyfriend, and we wanted to get married, the problem is where both stay in uae, and we are different nationality, and my 2nd problem is that i am still married to my christian ex-husband and i never filed annulment yet, but we are separated for 9 months now. how can we get married in uae because of their law. can i still get married to my muslim friancee?



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  1. Kareema,

    No matter where you live, you cannot marry another man when you are already married to another. Separation is not a divorce. Work on making your divorce to your Christian husband legal since you have no intention of working on your marriage any longer.


  2. Salaams,

    If you have converted to Islam, and you are married to a non-Muslim at the time it happens, then the husband has three months from your conversion date to convert as well. If he doesn't, the marriage automatically becomes invalid at that point Islamically.

    Granted, in certain cases a legal marriage will still be in effect. You will have to get that resolved through the courts if you want a legal marriage to another Muslim. However, from what I can tell, if you want to have a nikkah (religious marriage separate from a legal marriage) with someone else at this point and be married in the eyes of Allah, then it is valid to do since it has been over 9 months since your conversion. You are considered a single woman, religiously speaking.

    -Amy Editor

  3. I am in love with three sisters. The all love me and want to marry me. Recently I formally proposed to all three together, at the same time, and they all agreed. Of course, I know it would be wrong to marry just two sisters, but as I am allowed three wives, there is nothing to prevent me from marrying three sisters, is there?

    • ali, your question doesn't even make sense and is probably a joke; but just in case you are serious, the answer is that it is forbidden in Islam to marry more than one sister at the same time. Whether it's two or three is irrelevant, it's haram.

      Wael Editor

    • Are you serious marrying 3 sisters in one go, how do you accept that to work out yes men are allowed to have more than 3 wife's but that don't mean they should be sisters that is a total no no in islam , sorry but this really made me laugh thinking that you think is ok to marry all 3 sisters not even two but 3 wow.

      I think you should prevent yourself away from 3 sisters because it will cause problems if you just pick one after , think about it wisely what you do and I hope you make the wise and right choice out there.

      you might tore relationships between these sisters in the end so I would be careful if I was you.

      in meanwhile wish you all the best in life and may Allah swt guide you to the right path ameen.

    • Salam

      Ali, a man can marry up to four wives but it's forbidden to marry more than one sister (from the same family). If you're really serious about marrying one of the sisters, you should consider the consequences on yourself, the sisters and their family. Think from a woman's perspective; to know that a man that promised to marry you but instead married your sister is painful. There's a high chance that conflicts will arise between those sisters.

      Perhaps you should perform istikhara and pray that Allah will give you answers. Tread carefully brother.

    • In my opinion, this post should be deleted because it just seems like a play on words and mocking Islam.

      Islam forbids marrying more than one sister. Period.

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