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Drunken husband having an affair, I have no money to leave

I am married 10 years to a man having an illegal affair with a Christian nurse working in Dubai. He is also a chain drunk. He spends all his money for her happiness.

I want to change him into a good muslim but I am not able to. Help me

I won’t leave him I cannot. I got into this relationship thinking we would have a future and we can. But I just need to change him into a better Muslim. How do I?

Wanting a divorce

I can’t carry on anymore.

I’m confused – my parents want me to marry this man…

… I have discovered that he smokes and drinks, doesn’t pray, spends time with girls and he even mentioned once that he wanted to get a tattoo.

The guilt is killing me!

I have kept this to myself for so long and I am about to go crazy.

Love and forgive, or divorce?

Yesterday he brought our crying son to our bedroom where our daughter and I were sleeping. I told him to give him to me, and he said sure. Then my son was crying for his fire car which my husband was holding, and I told him put it next to our son let him have it but my husband opened the window and threw it out. We live on the third floor.

Convert to Islam can’t stop drinking, and feeling lost

Finding God is supposed to be one of the most happiest and peaceful times of our lives, but I feel ashamed to say it hasn’t for me. It’s been a rough time. I don’t want people to look at me and see hurt, depression, confusion, misguidance as a God fearing Muslim. I want them to see happiness, light, peace, angels; want them to feel strength. And because of my issues I’m sharing with you today, I try to fake a smile or just seclude myself because I don’t want to give people the wrong impression.

How can I stop my husband from drinking alcohol?

I am 26 and have been married 8 years. My husband drinks alcohol and does not care about the fact that I despise alcohol. This has caused a lot of issues in our marriage. We are in marriage therapy as well but it seems like nothing will help the issue.

Divorced American woman in love with Saudi student.

I am an American woman studying finance at a university in the USA. One of my classmates at school watched me for an entire year. At the very end of the school year he asked me to go out with him and confessed a crush on me. We share a similar sense of humor and outlook on life – if you can believe it. I am absolutely falling in love with this man. However, I have a lot of concerns because we are from completely opposite cultures. He is a Muslim from Saudi Arabia. I knew nothing about Islam or Ramadan before I met him, and I am honestly extremely impressed with his faith.

My parents are alcoholics who do not respect not drinking in the house

my mother drinks almost everyday, and even when she was staying with me in my house watching my son, she drunk. She didn’t respect the fact that my husband prays in the house and he is so strict about not drinking inthe house. he wants his house to be a holy house just like every Muslim’s house…