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Should I feel guilty?

I don’t love him but I just feel like I’ve hurt him.

End of the relationship but seems no way out

I don’t know how to move on…

I’m still in love

They say everything happens for a reason… I don’t know what is wrong with my life and what to do.

I left her for the sake of Allah but I feel guilty

The extreme guilt in me is killing me that she cries over me and that I’ve done so wrong after leaving her like this.

My parents want me to marry my cousin… who’s my ex.

He is not a good person. I know it’s all punishment of my sins which I have done in past but I want to marry a good human being and a good Muslim.

Will Allah forgive me for this sin?

When I finally ended the relationship, my friend who is also friends with the guy tells me that he has my pictures and Skype calls saved.

I want to forget him

He said that after our breakup he still thinking about me and still loves me as he loved before and feeling regrets… So now what should I do?

I feel trapped in a world of regret

Time heals wounds… But now my mental level is going down day by day. A person never bears that his wife had done such things.

My ex-boyfriend is blackmailing me…

He is blackmailing me that he will upload my pics in internet. And I’m scared that my parents and relatives would see it and they will kill me.

Separated for 2 years

We have been separated for 2 years but he has not said he has divorced me…