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An unhappy marriage

I want to divorce my husband and go to my ex… I want a family with the person I truly love.

I’m scared of losing my life I have built

I have my own family now and have moved on but it’s seems my past is following me. Sometimes I cry cause feeling so sad and can’t tell my husband cause it’ll cause problems in my marriage.

Who to choose – the person I’m dating or my ex?

If you were in my place, in a steady relationship, but then your ex would come along with their sick past, but an amazing chemistry, who would you pursue?

A dream about forgiveness

I moved my hand into his hand by holding position and I smiled at him; forgiving him. when I woke up I was so shocked by dreaming about him because it never happens.

So many mistakes, I have no idea how to set things straight again

I am a muslim girl but have been a very bad one for the past 4-5 years, though I always had my faith in Allah it was always on/off I guess the Satan came in the way too many times, I had been in a relationship with a muslim guy for 3 years we were in love but I had done other bad things before him as well…

I can’t move on and feel close to losing my sanity, please help

I submitted a question earlier on this year, and recieved a lot of good advice. In short it was about how I committed sins with the man I was supposed to marry in the process of getting to know him for marriage, and then eventually he dumped me. I am finally attempting to get over it, but it has been a very hard journey…

Fiance said he wants to convert to Islam but changed his mind, should I move on?

I have been in a forbidden relationship with a man ever since I was 15 years old and I was in love with him. He is one year younger than me. We have loved each other for 5 years and just recently asked me to marry him. We got engaged this year. At first I was not practicing Islam, but last year I have renewed my beliefs after watching many videos of Islam and grew a better understanding of Islam…

Is my marriage to my ex’s brother acceptable?

I am a Muslim girl who always has tried to be a good person. However, I also have fallen in the traps of shaitan many times. My dilemma is that while I was very young, I was dating this boy. I only saw him for two weeks and then I stopped seeing him….

I can’t get over the last four years, I feel like I ruined my life

I have loved someone for a very long time, at first it didn’t matter that he wasn’t a Muslim because I myself wasn’t practising, but as time went by things started to become difficult. My family wanted me to get married and they started putting a lot of pressure on me to get married to a point when they sat me down and told me if I did not get married they would disown me!

Should I tell my husband about my Ex?

I made the mistake of falling in love with one of my cousins who told me that he cared a lot about me and wanted to marry me. After time passed by, the guy asked my parents for my rishta; however, my parents hated this cousin and they believed that he was not a good guy for me to marry…. the decision was up to me; I put a stone over my heart and feelings and for the sake of my parents’ happiness, I agreed not to marry him. My main concern and dilemma now is what I should tell my future husband about my cousin. I honestly have tried to be a good muslim daughter and respect my parents wishes, but still my life is full with obstacles due to my “ex” even though it occurred long ago. I am so scared and every night I cry myself to sleep worrying and wondering what will happen when I get married and when my cousin tries to cause problems for me.