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Nikah advice

If I marry without family present or aware is that classed as a “secret nikah”?

Hindu boy Loves a Muslim Girl…

Everything is perfect, but I love my family and don’t know how to convince them..

my parents reject the guy of my choice

assallamu-alaykum brothers and sisters, Hope you all are well. I really need all your help. OK so here goes: this guy and I really like each other, and he’s Muslim. He’s even an aalim, alhamdulilah, and he prays 5 times a day and is very religious. We both want to get married as we know it’s […]

His family won’t accept my non-muslim family.

I understood that the only way for me to live life as a Muslim is to marry him, and he too understood all these later. The real problem came when he presented this to his family. His family is not ready to accept a girl from a non-muslim family. He tried to convince them, telling my situation. But they are not accepting.

Boyfriend has converted to Islam but parents still disagree; what to do?

I say it doesn’t matter, he’s the only boy that loves me for who I am and seems genuine despite putting him through so many hard situations and having other chances with many girls. If the man is kind-hearted and genuine, it doesn’t matter where he’s from or originated.

His family found out about my past and now hate me.

I am worried that even if he somehow manages to get out of the engagement, his family will hate me and also hate him. I don’t know what to do except pray to Allah for forgiveness and to show me the right path. If any one has any advice i would be grateful.

Please help me, I can’t live without him

I can’t live without him and can’t even believe that Allah is doing this to me. Everything was perfect but now I don’t know. Allah always gave me more than what I wanted but this time he is giving me hope and than again breaking it. I am so hurt that I sometime decide to not think of Allah but what can I do I can’t stop trusting Allah and nor can I stop loving him. I have been waiting to solve this for a longtime.

My parents dont like my boyfriend because he’s not good looking.

I feel that if I reject him because of his looks or his eye problem then Allah will never forgive me and he will bring it to me in future. I believe in karma so I am scared but now I am very upset; I want fight for my love but I want to respect my parents too.

I want to marry her but my mother is against her and her family. What can I do to convince my mother?

But the thing is that they don’t have a valid reason to refuse our marriage. I did a lot of dua in ramadhan alhamdulillah. Is there antyhing I can do? I am so paranoid, and quiet, and I am also memorizing the Quran on 24th juz. But this is my only wish with her but seems impossible at the moment.

I want a divorce from my wife and want to marry this other girl who I have been in relationship with.

I am in a situation which is very troubling. Eight years ago I got married to my mother’s identical twin sister’s daughter from Pakistan. For all these years I have put on an act so my mother remains happy. We are not able to have children & last year I became exhausted of living a lie. I met a girl with a beautiful heart and good intentions with whom I and she instantly had a spark and connection with. Unfortunately, she became pregnant with my twin babies & this is when I had to tell her I was still married. I left her with no option but to abort.