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Help required with Istikhaarah result

Am really confused…Am still not able to forget those 2 alliances guys but i don’t love them….and the final guy is I love him but sometimes I get confused and afraid whether will it work for me or not.

Istikhaarah for Marriage

Please perform Istikhaarah for me….

Istikhaarah for Marriage

Brother i want to make istakhara for rishta plez where i can post tha names n please tell me tha istakhara results ..

I am 17 and want to get married in order to avoid sin

I’m 17 (turning 18 soon) im thinking to marry this girl. I like this girl and i would like to marry her because I’m very religious so to prevent any sins or get tempted to do anything bad with this girl. I want to get married so we can do it the halal way because dating doesn’t exist in Islam.

Questions about getting to know someone for marriage and matrimonial websites

I would like to know the proper islamic way to get to know someone for marriage. Would it be ok if parents involvement didnt come until your SURE its what you want? Would it be ok to meet in a very public place, like a Coffee Shop, just to talk and get to know each other?

I cannot do istikhaarah myself

Kindly let me know a name and contact of a scholor who can do istikhara for me. I know doing istikhara yourself is always good but somehow my conditions do not allow me to do it myself…

I regret following my Istikhaarah

I have gotten istikhara done by my mom twice and both times she received dreams. I followed the outcome and both of the actions i took as a result of the istikhara were, i hate to say it but, the biggest regrets of my life so far

My wife wants to leave me. I have done istikharah, but are my dreams positive signs from Allah?

Hope ur fine. Im in very deep tension and stress. My wife wants to leave me. she’s in US and im in UAE…

Can I do salaatul istikhara to know whether to take medicine or not?

Is it possible to perform salaat isthikara to know whether to take a medication or not? Since I am in the medical field..

Istikhara For Marriage

Plz we love each other and want 2 marry. Plz can you do istikhara for our marriage purpose plz reply soon waiting for it.