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Praying for the person whom I used to love

I loved a girl very much and tried to marry her. She was a very good girl but I could not marry her.

I can’t bear the knowledge that my husband will have hoor al ayn

Seriously I can’t even make dua for paradise for my husband or daughter. I even prefer that I did not exist at all.

I do not want to go to Jannah anymore because I am discouraged and feel guilty

“None of you believes till he loves a brother for himself”. What if you do not feel that way about a Muslim?

Can a man just have his wife from dunya?

What if he does not want to choose another wife in Jannah?

My husband hit me for smoking

I pray regularly and give charity and zaqat on time. I make an attempt to not lie and protect my baby from modern fitnas. To my knowledge I think smoking is one of my few vices.

Can Prophet Muhammad SAWS be my “Companion” in Jannah?

I totally consider myself so extremely unworthy! But still that does not stop me from desiring him to be mine in Jannah :'( I’m nothing whatsoever compared to Khadija, Aisha (r.a) and all his other wives! It’s a craving still. But I know I would have to share him in Jannah which grieves me, but then we won’t even have jealousy in there?!

How many wives in Jannah?

I married only one woman…

Is Hysterectomy Permissible In This Case?

We often exchange greetings and smiles but I could never bring myself to ask her about the details of her daughter’s condition. A lot of women have advised the lady to get her daughter’s hysterectomy done since there is no hope regarding her marriage. My 2 questions are:
1) is the removal of uterus permissible in Islam for such people?
2)Jannatul firdaus is for prophets, martyrs, scholars and the righteous, which category do people fit into it?

My life has become a labyrinth of debt and despair

As much as I want to die, I fear everything death entails. I often find myself questioning my faith. I definitely don’t want Hell but neither do I want Jannah. I only want to escape my useless, dysfunctional life.

Is a wife given paradise if she dies before her husband?

I asked her, “what does a wife need to do to make her husband happy?” and she said, “if you fulfill your duties to your husband, and if you die before your husband, and if your husband is pleased with you, then Allah will grant you for heaven”.