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Can a man just have his wife from dunya?

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What if a man in Jannah wants to be only with his wife from dunya? What if he does not want to choose another wife in Jannah?

Shimon alam

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  1. When you go to Jannah let the particular department that keeps track of spouses know your wish.

  2. Assalaamualaikam

    What happens in Jannah is beyond our understanding - but what we do know is that if - by Allah's mercy - we are granted Jannah on the Day of Judgement, we shall want for nothing.

    Rather than worrying about the details of who'll be married to whom, focus your time and energy on doing good deeds and strengthening your deen - these are the things that will count for us in the balance, inshaAllah.

    Midnightmoon editor

  3. Salaams,

    I tend to think that, if we aren't "forced" to be married to any particular person in this life, we won't be in the next. Just my personal view, not a fatwa.

    -Amy Editor

  4. Assalam alaikum,

    We live in a 3-dimensional world limited by time and driven by our worldy desires. For a moment, try to imagine not being bounded by time or try to imagine another dimension or try to imagine the value of infinity OR a few more than infinity or try to imagine all of what is in one galaxy--surely your brain will fall short of trying to comprehend all of that. If it is difficult to imagine what is, surely it will be difficult to imagine what isn't. The truth is, Jannah is beyond our capacity to understand and/or fathom. The most amazing day will be when we will be able to meet our Creator.

    Though your question is valid, the problem is, you are thinking in a dunya-driven style, and it is very common for us to do this. The thing that can offer your heart some peace is knowing that Allah swt, your Creator, knows you better than anyone at all and He wouldn't dissappoint anyone who, through their hard work and His Mercy, achieves Jannah--only your 100% trust in Allah can soothe your soul in this matter, inn shaa Allah.

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