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Feeling guilty about a Relationship

My parents do not know about this and they don’t suspect me much either. They trust me too much and it’ll kill me to break their trust.

Letting go…

It hurts like pulling a sword in your heart, knowing that I’m giving up with someone who I can say is my best friend and my love of my life.

Help.. haram relationship but clear intentions.

I am really serious about this and do want this to work out because alhamdulillah he is a nice person… Do I leave him alone?

I want to marry her

Please tell me a dua that will get me and her back together and married asap. And we will be happy again and not have any issues.

Can a Muslim man marry a Catholic?

My boyfriend is a very good man and follows the Quran… I don’t want to do anything that may affect his beliefs.

My parents are not agreeing to marriage with the one I love!

Can I leave my house to get married as I don’t want to do sin for more time and I want everything in shariah?

He used me and left for his mother

i commit suicide for him, he call my mother, my mother got angered and shouted on him to become good man. he turned his phone off and after a week he said he got engaged

In love with non-muslim guy. Am I doing the right thing?

I want him as well as I wanna follow Islam and not do anything against it.

My family knows about my relationship and do not approve of the person I love and want me to marry someone else – what should I do?

I know any way I will be hurting someone and therefore thinking about any of the solution doesn’t make me happy.

Love before marriage

I really love her and don’t want to lose her. I feel like I actually found the one.