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My boyfriend’s parents don’t approve…should we part ways?

We get along really well and can have deep and meaningful discussions. But he has changed his tune since his parent’s disapproval. Should we part ways?

He has changed to align with Islam but my father doesn’t trust him

I’ve thought of leaving him but I really love him. He is willing to change but how can he prove it to my dad?

His mother won’t approve of me because I’m not Pakistani

Is there any chance at all that she will come around and meet with me?

I knew my family wouldn’t approve of our marriage, but I was weak.

I met this boy many years ago and we struck up a haram relationship. Now he has moved to this town just for me while I have realized this is haram…What do I do?

Is this a sign from Allah that we shouldn’t marry?

Should I take my mother’s hesitance and disapproval as a sign from Allah and the answer to my Istikhara?

Money over Marriage?

His family is eager but were waiting for me as my father wanted me to have a job first.

Dua to meet the person you want to marry?

The problem is I am in the UK and he is from a different country, which is making it difficult to meet. Both of us are eager to meet and want to meet the halal way, which will be if he comes to my house asking for my hand. But this can only be done if he manages to come to the UK and once my family has accepted inshallah.

His parents heard some wrong info about me and rejected me

I am a widow for the past 4 and a half years and have 2 children. 8 months ago I met a good muslim guy in my area and we took a liking to each other. He’s a Hafiz so he’d tell me stories about the prophet and teach me things from the Quran. But his family heard some false rumors about me.

His parents refuse to allow a “love marriage”

I am muslim girl from good family. I met a muslim guy in my office and we fall in love with each other. His parents are not ready to meet or talk to me, or my parents. They don’t want even see to me. They don’t want a love marriage.

His parents say they will never accept me

A salaam Alaykum, I am a convert with two children and I feel, through prayer and guidance from Allah, that I have met the man that will complete my deen. He is a little younger than me but quite mature and wise and his parents refuse to accept me. He has gone to them and expressed his intentions and has asked for their permission to move forward but they refuse.