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Should I inform my father of haram relationship between my mother and his younger brother?

My uncle and my mother is in illegal relationship which I have also seen both of them from my naked eyes they are doing such illegal things in our home. I am very worried about that; shall I tell my dad or not? Please suggest me. I am very thankful if some could help me.

I got khula from court against my husband but my family is forcing me to live with him. Is my khula valid?

I got married in march 2007 to my maternal cousin. This was a forced marriage as I didn’t want to get married. But my parents emotionally blackmailed me, my husband, his mother and my mother promised me that he won’t demand any physical relation until I complete my education. I agreed on this base. I was abused sexually, physically and psychologically by my husband and my parents. I asked my husband to divorce me but he refused. Before seeking khula I spoke to my husband and told him that I cannot fulfill his sexual needs as hatred fills within me whenever I see him and all the issues between us and requested him to divorce me.

My in-laws are creating problem in our marriage financially and emotionally. Please help me.

I have been married for 3 years now and during all this time, my in-laws take all the money from my husband’s earnings even though I don’t have a sister in law and all my brother in laws are married. Is this right? I am very insecure because our child is on the way and we can’t save even if we want to. My sister-in-law (wife of my brother-in-law) is very proud. She doesn’t even talk to me; in fact, she looks at me in a demeaning way. She is rude and very clever. She made her brother’s wife leave because of her rude behaviour. Is this true what goes around comes around? She has hurt me so many times.

I am heartbroken, overwhelmed and ashamed for what I did. Please help me I want my fiance back

I was engaged to a brother. We had the right intentions and were doing things in the correct way. No private contact, no private meetings. The first time we met alone, we both tried to get a third party but were unable to, and I was leaving the city so we ended up meeting alone.

My family won’t accept him, because he’s a European convert Muslim

I got to know a guy through Facebook in November last year. We talked for about two weeks, he seemed perfect even though we had never met and even though we only spoke for about two weeks. I live in Germany and he lives in Switzerland…

My mother and I choose a girl for me to marry but my father doesn’t approve. What should I do?

My father asked my mother to look for girl for my marriage. When my mother shortlisted the girl she asked me to meet the girl and wanted me to confirm if I wish to marry her. Once she confirmed everything she went to my father and he discarded the family without even meeting them. My mother categorically told me that she will not find any girl for me because my father has disapproved the girl she chose and she clearly told my father the same. I have talked to my father 3 times and he disapproved all my requests without giving me the clear reason. Since then my mother and father are not on the talking terms.

My mother-in-law is very controlling and I want to move out but hubby doesn’t understand.

I’ve been married almost 8 years, two kids ages 2 and 6. For 7 years we lived on our own in a different city. Then moved to my in-laws city with a new job. There are typical issues like complaining that I don’t let the kids play with them or she’ll clarify something incident to him to let him know that it occurred making it look like I’ve been accusing them of stuff and shes just clarifying. She resents our going out on weekends and usually create some issue or fills his ears just before that, my husband doesn’t even realize this.

My friend is in not happy with his future in-laws as they don’t allow both to talk or see each other.

My friend saw her at a wedding a couple of years ago and wanted to get to know her more, so he messaged her on facebook, at first she was really rude to him since she doesn’t talk to a lot of guys, but after she got to know him they became friends on facebook, for almost 2 years they just talked online and after they started to get emotionally attached (online) my friend told her that he likes her and that he wanted to meet her parents to ask for her hand in marriage and if that would be ok with her? she agreed and she told her mom about my friend, and then her parents invited my friend to their house. Any ways, my friend did an istikhara and it was positive, his parents did istikharas and they were positive and even I did an istikhara for them and it was positive, and to my knowledge we are only supposed to do an istikahra upto 7 times and then trust it and not doubt Allah swt first guidance, why are these people doing it again and again and again for the same thing?

I want to get married but my parents think it’s too early for me. Please help me.

I really want to have someone in my life, a real muslimah that fears Allah and is a practicing muslim and serious about her deen. Im not seeing anyone or doing anything illegal that is out of the boundaries set by Allah. The problem is that my parents think it’s to early for me to get married, however they have agreed to trying to find me a suitable wife, but sometimes I just feel that I am burdening them with this request and that they find it hard to happen and a bit annoying. I have stopped asking my parents over this issue and I have totally left it to Allah and his will, and told myself that Whenever Allah wants,it will surely happen.

I want to marry him but his father refuses as I am divorced. Is it due to religion?

I am new to this site but I am sure that I can get my answers on this site. I am a 25 years old divorced Indian female and am currently dating a muslim guy. We get along with each other very well since we have been together for past 3 years. I have been divorced for 6 years now. Me and the guy want to get married and settle down but just because the divorced tag on my name has refrained us being together. He doesn’t have his mum with him and stays with his father and twin brother. We tried to talk to his father last year for us to get married but he refused due to me being divorced. I am not sure why he has said no to our relationship; is it because such marriages are not acceptable by religion Islam or is it something else?