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Can you ever be too patient?

If I believe this to be my future husband, do I continue to have sabr? Is there a point where one can have too much sabr?

How more patient should I be?!

He has punched me in the back of the head and strangled me. They always say the first few years of marriage is very rough, is this what people mean by rough?!

His parents won’t let him marry me.

Should I take this as a sign to implement ‘sabr’ and wait it out to see if they end up agreeing, or should I take this as a sign of Allah trying to keep me away from the marriage?

I still haven’t met his mother!

He has all these reasons on to why he is taking his time but I don’t want to waste my time loving a man when I desire marriage and a family.

How to win over the solitude?

Time goes on and I remain alone. Every day my life gets harder and harder. I talk to myself. I talk to Allah; but not with my family, not with my friends, and not with my muslims brothers. There was a believer who helped me, but only when he has time so he stopped helping me. I tried to know more people. I go to mosque to pray even if it’s far away from my city. And yet, even there nobody wants to help me.

Three years is too long for my mom

He is a pious muslim but needs 3 more years before he can marry me. The other reasons she’s rejecting him are that he is a bit fat and has a blunt nose.

Why does it take so long to get something from Allah?

I am a woman who faces so many dangers in life. I believe God saved me several times from that dangerous situation. But when I want to getting something immediately, then it becomes too late and after many days I MAY get what I asked for. My question is here:  Is Allah testing me, or am I a bad […]

He promised to marry me but married a lady who threatened to accuse him of rape

He says that the girl he has married under pressure is five years older then him and was a drug trafficker (which slipped from her tongue once) and probably was not a virgin (Allahu A’lam) I would have no problem to share my husband with a second woman as its allowed in islam but she is westernised hell, abusive, and i doubt her faithfulness.

Why do my prayers not get fulfilled?


There are 5 duas I’m begging ALLAH to get them fulfilled khair o afiat.

But its not happening… my patience level is getting exceeded.

My wife is having an affair

I am from India. I have completed 17 years of marriage with 2 kids. I love my wife very much. I am working in Middle East. During my vacation I came to know my wife has had illegal relations with another man, she confessed & promised not to repeat it.