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Proceeding with my nikkah with uncertainty to be able to fulfil my obligations and further sin and fail as a spouse

I don’t feel like talking to my husband because I’m not able to develop any feelings for him.

Don’t love husband anymore and don’t know what to do.

At one point I do believe I loved him but now where I am at, I’m not so sure.

Need help – intimacy problem in my marriage

I’ve been married for 7 years… since the beginning of my marriage my wife has been very cold to helping my sexual desires.

Marriage issue

Shall I give him one last chance as he’s saying .. And can I perform istaqkira for this situation (divorce)?

How can I control my disobedient wife?

Now even six months passed she is still repeating the same mistakes which means that these are habits not mistakes any more.

Husband not giving time

He has no time for me and my son… He is now angry with me not even talking to me.

Confused after marriage

When I talk to married sisters, its as though – this cycle never ends and its a norm. But this is not a norm I want to accept for my life.

Would you stay or leave?

My husband is very disrespectful to me. He doesn’t care about Islam. He’s just all about the dunya and making money.

Marriage not working in 3 months

I don’t know what steps to take to save my sanity, my marriage and my relationship with my family.

Nikaah invalidation?

She was provided incorrect information about his mental health… does this make her nikah invalid?