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Does his mental illness invalidate their nikah?

Asalamalakum, my sister go married roughly 3 years ago and she has a baby now, however before her nikaah she was provided incorrect information from her husband and his family about his mental health and him having minor anxiety but once she got married and moved in it came to her attention that he has severe anxiety and depression so I was wondering does being provided incorrect information make her nikaah invalid?


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  1. Im not a scholar but as far as i know if her nikah has done propar and islamic way then no this thing dosnt invalided her nikah..

  2. anxiety and depression doesn't make someone retarded or insane. Her husband needs to see a psychiatrist, who can sort things out. There are millions of people live with depression and anxiety on daily basis.

  3. Good ? This is a question for a mufti because it's technical .This is not for regular people to answer...So please refer to a sunni scholor mufti at the mosque or .hopefully this will help...

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